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As an entry-level applicant, you’ll want to present yourself well, on paper and in person. Presenting yourself in the best light will depend on how you express and communicate the value you offer.

Remember to always give examples of your talents and describe how you can make a difference. This way, the recruiter can visualize you collaborating brilliantly with the team you’d be working with.

Whether you’re about to apply for a job or you’re preparing for an interview, the tips and advice below from Accenture Operations recruiters and hiring managers will help you stand out.

Seven in-demand entry-level skills and traits:

  1. Language skills.
    In addition to English, fluency in one of the following languages will be beneficial: German, French, Dutch, Russian and Arabic. In 2017, we hired people who spoke more than 50 languages, where their language communication skills were essential to their role. There is an abundance of opportunities to work on global projects using your native or second language skills to communicate.
  2. Software and internet skills.
    We hire entry-level people to work in service delivery roles like customer experience, collections (finance), digital marketing and content review. To manage your workload efficiently, good communication, data entry, email and internet skills will help you keep everything in check. As an intermediate to advanced user of Microsoft Office, you’ll find yourself easily mastering your role.
  3. Growth mindset.
    If you’re the type of person who’s always willing to grow and learn, and you give 100 percent when attempting new tasks, you could be the star talent we look for. Even if you feel unsure, or think you’re not naturally great at something, you don’t let that stop you. You’re a tryer; you don’t give up easily. You embrace the famous proverb: “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”
  4. Innovation skills.
    The business landscape is continuously changing, and innovation can make a big impact on your career. An innovation approach helps you to think creatively and critically, manage risks, solve problems, collaborate and adapt to changing situations. Embracing innovation is a key quality that can help you develop solutions and successfully navigate complex business environments.
  5. Positive attitude.
    A positive attitude is key to achieving your goals, no matter what challenges you meet along the way. Obstacles in life and in work are only natural. If you can organize your thoughts positively and communicate professionally, you’ll charge ahead. Staying positive will also improve your energy levels and productivity—and will help you meaningfully contribute to the great culture around you.
  6. Teamwork.
    It’s essential to the success of the team that each new hire is able to work well with their fellow colleagues. This means listening to and taking guidance from those who are more experienced. If you’re someone who reacts well to constructive feedback and you enjoy being part of a team and a larger collective, you could be the right fit.
  7. Decision-making ability.
    Rather than overthinking a scenario and procrastinating for long periods of time, it’s vital that you are able to confidently make decisions when needed. Throughout our day, each one of us are faced with hundreds of micro-decisions, from deciding what to eat to how to respond to an email. Confident decision-making is a sign of efficiency and responsibility.

If you’re in the early stages of your career, you’re passionate and have the top career skills and traits we’re looking for, check out our job opportunities. We’d love to welcome you into our community of innovators.



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