No matter how we love our work, we all go through those kinds of days when the daily grind gets overwhelming. Work stress is part of life but don’t let it drag you down. Learn to deal with stressful situations with the right mindset and determination. Below are five tips to help you manage stress and thrive at work.

1. Play to your strengths.

Recognizing your best talents, abilities or skills and focusing on them will help you be more engaged and energized to complete your work, even if it’s least interesting.

Start by listing down tasks or types of projects that you enjoy. Do you prefer those that involve plenty of analytical work? Or perhaps you’re more interested in people management? You can then ask for feedback from your supervisor and peers to help you identify what you’re good at. You can also count on them to mentor you. Once you’ve figured out your strengths, set your career goals around them so you can be more inspired to do your best.

2. Learn how to prioritize.

Jot down all your tasks in your notebook and put them into four categories:

  • Urgent and important — things you must complete right now or in a few hours;
  • Important but not urgent — tasks that you can schedule for the next day;
  • Urgent but not important — items that you can delegate to others;
  • Not urgent and not important — stuff you need to remove from your list.

With this method, you get to focus on critical work and be more efficient.

3. Build and nurture professional networks.

Find a mentor who can guide you as you master new skills, navigate projects and handle difficult situations. Join support groups and industry events where you can exchange ideas with experts and get tips to tackle challenges. Nurture the relationships you’ve built through regular connects and collaborations.

At Accenture, we know how positive connections can inspire you to excel. If you join us, you will be paired with career counselors that can help you achieve success at all stages of your career. You will also learn from and be coached by the best innovators in the business.

4. Make time for personal care.

Enjoying some “me” time lets you relax and recharge. We encourage our people to join our office outings, sports clubs, special interest groups and movie nights. It’s also important to set aside days for your annual holiday and meet-ups with friends, and spend more time with loved ones. Be sure to block your holidays on your calendar and let your clients and colleagues know ahead of time. And once you’re on your vacation, disconnect – relax and try not to think about work.

5. Take advantage of flexible work options.

Sometimes, work stress reflect difficult situations at home. Inquire about taking alternative work options, such as what we offer to our employees — flexible schedules, telecommuting and more. These will give you more time to juggle work and personal obligations. Make the most of these arrangements by using cloud-based project management and communication tools. This way, you can connect with colleagues and clients wherever you are.

Through proper energy and time management, a supportive work culture and a commitment to take better care of yourself, you’ll be able to handle work stress like a pro and bring your best self to work.

If you want to learn more about our roles where you think you’ll thrive, click here.

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