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I’m Leander, a penultimate year student taking up Politics, Law & Economics at Singapore Management University. Earlier this year, I completed a four-month summer internship with Accenture Singapore’s Liquid Studio team. Here are some things I was surprised to find during my time there.

1. Work was more satisfying than I ever imagined.

When I had first got the call and was offered an internship at Accenture’s Liquid Studio, I thought I was in for a summer of tasks I assumed an analyst usually does: preparing reports and slides, digesting an endless number of information decks, hosting clients and tackling piles of administrative work.

Thankfully, I ended up doing much more than just that. From learning programming languages, doing up tech prototypes, holding presentations and even working on marketing videos, I was pleasantly surprised by the work I was tasked to do! They were things that are completely different from what I’m studying in school. It seems that while interns are usually made to do the things that regular employees find very troublesome to do, that was not my experience here. I learned a lot more than I could have elsewhere.

2. Tasks are way more varied than I assumed.

My assignments during my internship were unexpectedly wide-ranging, given the scale of my project at Liquid Studio compared to all the work being done at Accenture Technology. This gave me a picture of how much more exciting it would be if I were a full-time employee handling numerous projects with a wide variety of clients. Furthermore, Accenture Technology is only one out of Accenture’s six lines of business. With the many different client service groups available, it’s thrilling to consider the work prospects here.

3. It is easy to get along with almost everyone in the workplace.

What made the work here even better and more fun were the people I met along the way. The team at Liquid Studio was comprised of many interns and some young and lively full-timers, and we did so much together at work!

We practiced open communications in the team, and everyone, including our bosses, was always willing to help you out and work closely with you to get things done. We also connected with other employees and interns from different teams at the Singapore Innovation Hub. Overall, I had a more meaningful working relationship with my fellow interns and Accenture people through project work and other networking sessions.

4. The real value here is in the connections you make along your way.

The culture at Accenture is one that accentuates the value of relationships between colleagues and clients in the workplace. Working here, I learned that while it’s good to be responsible for your project tasks, it pays to know when and how to rely on your teammates when accomplishing something much more for the client and the company.

5. At Accenture, you can (and will!) do more than you ever thought you could do!

Working here made me realize the importance of being able to work independently as well as in teams. Balancing the spirit of independence with the ethos of collaboration is what allows us to create value and depth in an organization.

I’m so fortunate to have spent my internship with the Liquid Studio because I was constantly inspired to do my best for the benefit of the greater good. When you strive for excellence when working with teammates, in the same way you do when working by yourself, you end up producing work that you never dreamed you were capable of doing!

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