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2020 will be a year for all of us to remember. It has been a year of change in many ways – from how we all respond to the world pandemic, to adapting to new ways of working and living. While it may be a challenging year for many, there are also things that we are grateful for during the year.

As we usher in the brand new year, we got some of our people from across Southeast Asia, to share with us their thoughts on the year that has been, some of the memorable moments for them in 2020, and what they are looking forward to in the new year ahead!

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Lio Franklyn Kemit

Technology Consulting Manager, Indonesia

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Hi, my name is Lio, and I’m a Technology Consulting Manager from the Indonesia (Jakarta) office. To simply illustrate what I do as a Technology Consultant, you can think of me as a “doctor” or a “personal trainer” (PT) to my clients.

As Technology Consultants, we are the “doctors” for IT systems. Our clients would share their problems or pain points with us. After we assess and analyse their problems, we would come up with a solution that best suits their needs. This can range from simpler solutions, to even bigger scale ones like system transformation projects.

Alternatively, we can also be thought of as “personal trainers” for IT systems. Clients would share their objectives and targets with us, and consult us on what they should do. After assessing our client’s situation (this could include their IT architecture, technology, performance, etc.), we would come up with a roadmap for them to achieve their goals. We will agree on the plan together and after that, we will provide guidance to our clients based on the plan and work with them towards achieving their goals.

2020 has been…

Definitely a very different year! Looking on the bright side, 2020 has brought about new experiences not only for me, but for the people around me too.

One of the biggest change most people had to go through, was to transit to work remotely. This experience has shifted the perception for many across the globe, shown that there are new ways of working, and we don’t need to be physically around each other to contribute.

Also, everyone (regardless of age) was made to pick up technology in some way in 2020! Before this, I won’t imagine my parents and their friends meeting up online on the virtual space. This has opened new possibilities and opportunities for Technology!

One of the interesting moments I had in 2020, was when I joined an Accenture community virtual event called, “Virtual Vacation”. During the event, we were taken on a virtual holiday, and even had a “tour guide” to take us through the entire journey! We got to virtually visit one of the beautiful vacation destinations in Indonesia, which is known for being a great diving spot. While everything was done virtually, it was really the full holiday experience – from greeting us when we arrive at the airport, to taking us to the hotel on the coach, bringing us out on a boat ride, to even diving, and then sending us back to the airport when the trip ended. For someone like me who loves to travel, it was really a unique experience I won’t forget!

As we conclude the year, I’m grateful for many things, and one of them is that I’m able to still progress in my career regardless of the situation.

What I’m looking forward to in 2021…

This might just be the same as many of my colleagues and friends. I can’t wait to go back into the office to work and meet up with everyone in person!


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Shazreen Halibullah

Management Consultant, Malaysia

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Hi, I’m Shazreen! I am a Management Consultant and I’m based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. If I were to put what I do at Accenture into super simple terms – I basically work with our clients to ensure that their employees are ready for changes that will take place in their organisation, before that change comes into effect. These changes can include just about anything – from systems, policies, ways of working, and even the nature of their roles.

2020 has been…

An absolute roller coaster! Whilst the year has been challenging in many aspects, it has been equally as rewarding as well. I’m grateful that I’ve been able to accomplish and grow so much both professionally and as an individual in the past year.

My biggest #win professionally in 2020 was leading and delivering my first client engagement. As challenging as it was, the opportunity allowed me to grow on so many fronts. I was able to nurture my leadership skills and sharpened my client management skills. More importantly, the experience has given me more confidence in my abilities. A shout-out to my various leaders at Accenture for entrusting me with the opportunity, guiding me through the journey and above all, cheering me on along the way!

What I’m looking forward to in 2021…

I’m very much looking forward to turning the page on 2020, and hope that things would slowly return to a more ‘normal’ normal in 2021!

I am excited to be reunited with my parents, brother & sister-in-law who all live abroad and have not been back since the outbreak. I also can’t wait to return to the 'normal' working arrangements in the office – I absolutely miss seeing my teammates on a daily basis, and the social interactions that come along with it!


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Saimeenakshi Ramu

Business & Integration Architecture Senior Analyst, Singapore

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Hello everyone, I’m Saimeenakshi! I am a certified Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) Consultant within Accenture Southeast Asia’s Workday practice, and I am currently based in Singapore. As part of the HCM application management support team in my project, I lead the absence and time tracking tracks with the clients. I am responsible for the analysis, configuration, testing, delivery and support of the Workday absence and time tracking solution for my clients.

2020 has been…

Personally, 2020 has been a blessing in disguise for me. While it is a year like no other, this has been a year of personal growth, and I got to explore great work opportunities at Accenture.

I joined Accenture just two weeks before the Circuit Breaker was announced in Singapore. Initially, it was challenging for me as I had to adapt to working from home. Then, I was still adjusting to the new work environment, and have not had the chance to meet up with most of my new colleagues yet. However, my team has been great in many ways and supported me through my journey here so far. I am able to smoothly adapt to the changes around me and perform to my best ability in my tasks and team projects.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the leadership team for supporting my team both mentally and emotionally during this pandemic. They had arranged for goodies and care packages to be home-delivered to us, and these really lifted our spirits during the tough times! I truly appreciate all my team leads and project team members for their constant support at every step of the way, and the positive team spirit we all have during the project.

What I’m looking forward to in 2021…

I am looking forward to a safe post-pandemic world, where we can travel! I can’t wait to meet up with my family and friends from across the globe.

As we welcome 2021, I would like everyone to remain positive and always look out for the good in any unpleasant situations. More importantly, I wish everyone to remain safe, healthy, and happy in the new year!


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Nuttapong Surasathien

Data Engineering Manager, Thailand

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Hi, my name is Nuttapong and I am Data Engineering Manager in Bangkok, Thailand. As a Data Engineer Consultant, I use data to do analysis, marketing planning and strategy planning for organizations. We leverage on technologies such as Big Data, Spark, Python, Cloud Platform, just to name a few, to implement solutions that would help clients achieve their goals.

2020 has been…

2020 has been a unique year. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, everything which we were once familiar with has changed. We transited to working from home, and attended meetings and trainings that are now all virtual. Thankfully, we have technologies to support the social distancing measures in place. So, we could still work with the team daily while we’re at different places, and meet with our clients using virtual conference tools.

While things may now be different, there is also a positive side to this. Working from home more has helped me to balance my schedule better. And as we do not have to go into the office every day, I saved some time from traveling to and from the office. I have made good use of the time saved to learn more about Cloud platforms, and this year I got my first Cloud certification – Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect! Personally, I also got to spend more time with my family and on my hobbies.

What I’m looking forward to in 2021…

With our lifestyle becoming more digital in every way (from food delivery services, to online shopping, e-payment technology, virtual meet-ups, and more), I am excited about the possibilities new technologies would bring in 2021! I am looking forward to more digital and technology solutions that would create more convenience and help us live better in the new world.

I am also looking forward to seeing things get better and hopefully, back to normal in 2021! Some industries, like tourism and hospitality, have been impacted more than the others, and hopefully, the situation would improve in the new year, so that we can start traveling overseas again.

Ready to embark on a new career journey in 2021? Explore opportunities with us today.



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