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Alviss Phua
Alviss Phua
Cloud Transformation and Migration Analyst
May 31, 2018

Breaking Barriers with Accenture

Just like my passion, break dancing, Accenture encourages creativity, authenticity and innovation from its people. These were my initial thoughts upon joining the company and they still hold true today.

When I joined Accenture in August 2016, after earning my economics degree from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, I barely had any experience in infrastructure. My degree was not related to the path that I wanted to take, but this didn’t deter me from jumpstarting a technology career. I’m grateful that Accenture and my colleagues welcomed me with open arms.

Joining the company felt a lot like learning a new and difficult break dance move. It was challenging yet exciting to study about infrastructure, which included everything from servers to storage, backup and networks. With patience and perseverance, I got into the groove and started doing more technical work for my team. I owe it to the trainings, learning activities and mentorship from my peers.

A few months into the company, I was able to help solve an issue that was bogging down our project for several weeks. Even if I was fairly new, my colleagues listened to my opinions and recognized my contributions. This was one of my proudest moments and I felt like I was dancing on air.

Today, I’m happy to be part of a diverse team that’s creating a next-generation trade platform. Our project is set to change the way things work from the ground up.

Just like breakdancing, Accenture allows me to break barriers at work every day—despite coming from a non-technology background, I’m able to discover the limitless possibilities of my career and pursue my passion for technology. This keeps me going and inspires me to dance up a storm in everything I do, whether at work or play.

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