Lai Mun Teo
Management Consultant
February 17, 2020

Three things you’ll discover when you shift careers at Accenture

My name is Lai Mun and I’m a management consultant for Accenture Resources. My job is to help organizations improve their current processes, manage changes and build key capabilities.

And I love every minute of it!

Quite standard for someone who enjoys their consulting job, don’t you think? Well, if we had had this same conversation back in 2016, I would have told you something different. See, when I joined the organization more than three years ago, I chose to join the Human Resources team.

In polytechnic, I majored in Banking and Financial Services, and in university, I studied Business Management and majored in HR. From the multiple internships I did in different industries and locations, I gained a broader worldview and a better understanding of various business sectors and people of diverse backgrounds.

While my experience afforded me a bright HR career in Accenture, I soon found myself more and more interested in the company’s consulting business. Not long after, I informed my superiors about my intentions. With their help, I was able to transition successfully to the role I have today.

My career transition was neither quick nor easy, but I knew deep down that it was necessary for both my professional and personal growth. Here’s what I learned from my career shift from HR to Consulting in Accenture.

  1. Accenture is full of people and systems that help you be your best.

    I feel truly blessed to be surrounded by very supportive workmates. Before, during and after my transition, my HR and Consulting colleagues would check in with me to see how I was doing. They would share resources and reading materials to prepare me for the changes ahead.

    I’m also grateful for my supervisors and mentors who tirelessly share their feedback with me so that I can continue improving my performance.

    We all have our own strengths and weaknesses, and we all move through different life stages at our own pace. Managers in Accenture understand this about their people. If you’re keen to explore a different project, you can talk with your career counselor and he/she will help you look for opportunities within the company.

    On top of this all, Accenture provides tons of resources and support channels for employees to learn new skills, refine their existing ones and keep growing as individuals.

  2. No matter the department, you’ll end up loving your colleagues.

    Most of the training I’ve received here in Accenture has been on-the-job. I sort out how to do things alongside my teammates, peers, bosses and stakeholders, on the ground and as we move through project phases. Everyone here is so generous with their time and knowledge that you can’t help but cherish them not only as colleagues but also as friends.

    When I was in HR for instance, I was involved in reimagining the New Joiner Orientation. Our team redesigned the curriculum to provide a more immersive and interactive experience for new joiners. It was hard work as we would only begin working on the project after work hours. Still, sharing the effort and seeing the new joiners enjoy themselves at their first Accenture touchpoint made it all worthwhile for our team.

    I won’t lie and say the work we do is easy. It’s complex and highly specialized and requires long hours, week in and week out. However, the sense of satisfaction once you hit a milestone as a team—that is priceless. My wonderful colleagues make it all feel like play!

  3. Challenges are constant, regardless of your role. It is you who makes the breakthrough and drives your journey each time.

    The first few months of my transition from HR to Consulting were definitely tough. I eventually got the hang of things, making sure that I listen and ask for feedback in the work that I do.

    Even in my earliest days as an intern with Accenture, I would marvel at the wide variety of roles here. As long as you have the right aptitude and attitude, these options are yours to take.

    Keep in mind that in joining Accenture, you are not joining just one company or industry. You will connect with giants from major industries, gain experience and technical skills you never thought you would, and have multi-faceted roles, depending on your clients’ requirements. How you want to grow here depends on you. At Accenture, you drive your career journey!

Grow your career and be involved in work that matters. Check out opportunities here.






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