About Vikram

Vikram is a managing director in Accenture. He leads technology consulting for Health & Public Service in Southeast Asia.

Having over 15 years of consulting experience, Vikram has successfully delivered many large projects for clients in the Health Sector by harnessing the power of transformative technologies with the mission of humanizing healthcare. He has not only led in strategic planning & process re-engineering solution for the business success of his clients, but also seen to the executing and implementing of these projects.

His recent work efforts include:

  • National Electronic Health Record (NEHR), e-Health reform program – Took on multiple roles (Delivery Lead, Solution Architect, Technology Architect, Operations Management) in the implementation of the NEHR. The solution involves connecting data sources from all public and private hospitals in addition to national clinical data sources to create a single longitudinal health record for everyone in Singapore. It will result in a single, unified health record for each patient, enabling clinicians to have more timely and accurate health information at the point of care to support effective prevention, diagnosis and management of illness.
  • GPConnect, Integrated IT system using AWS and Microsoft technologies- Implemented the project as the delivery lead. This solution aims to assist healthcare partners in the primary care sector with improved administrative capabilities and enhanced patient care capabilities. GPConnect comprises a clinic management system (CMS) and an electronic medical records (EMR) solution. The CMS supports GPs and their clinic assistants in their daily clinic operations from patient registration, consultation, medicine dispensation and billing, while the EMR helps GPs to store their medical records electronically, making it easier for retrieval and analysis, and freeing up physical storage space
  • Care and Case Management System (CCMS) - Implemented CCMS system as the solution architect for the public healthcare sector to track and manage patient healthcare outside the hospital.

Vikram is passionate about transforming healthcare using innovative technologies, to change the way healthcare is delivered and consumed. He is a firm advocate that elevating the patient experience is the way to fuel growth. He is excited to share how digital technologies can be leveraged to exceed the experience expectations. Vikram has a Bachelor degree from BIET, India. He is currently based in Singapore.

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