About Benny

Benny is a Managing Director in Accenture. He is the client account lead for focal accounts in Public Safety and also leads sales for Health and Public Services across the region.

He has over 15 years of experience in areas like digital transformation, technology consulting, business process transformation, application systems integration, agile delivery and change management.

Benny is a trusted adviser to his clients in Defense and Public Safety sectors. He has worked with them to solve complex problems and undertaken major enterprise projects that have transformed HR, content management, data visualization, and case management systems.

Some of his recent works:

  • Data and Risk management platform for a Public Safety Agency. Benny led this agile project which was largest of its kind and the deployment to be scheduled over multiple releases.
  • Agile project for a Public Safety Agency. Benny spearheaded this huge project with multiple concurrent scrum teams, and supported the digitalization process across the organization, which included the development of an enterprise portal, case management, document OCR automation, and advanced analytics for risk assessment.
  • National Authentication System in Public Sector. As the deployment lead, Benny worked with multiple agencies for the nationwide rollout and counter locations over 50+ sites.
  • Business Consultancy Study in Public Sector, As a functional lead, Benny led the project to review business processes across the organisation's 20 divisions, recommending "to-be" solutions and the implementation roadmap to the organisation’s stakeholders.
  • HR Transformation in Public Sector. As a release lead and a key team member in different phases of the project, Benny was involved in the business process harmonisation and implementation of the integrated HR project replacing 52 legacy systems. He also saw to the implementation of the enhancements for the roll out of a new HR policy and workforce within the organization.

At Accenture, Benny does much more than ‘just’ business, he leads corporate social responsibility (CSR) for Accenture Singapore. He is instrumental in driving initiatives across Youth, Women and Seniors to create a more inclusive society. Benny is also passionate in mentoring the next generation of consulting talent. He is the proud sponsor of Accenture’s Technology Development Expertise Program.

Benny is an alumni of Temasek Polytechnic. He holds a Master’s in Commerce and a Degree in Information Technology from the University of Queensland, Australia.

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