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China Merchants Holdings (International) Co Ltd: Enterprise performance management

CMHI improves enterprise performance with new business intelligence tools and a standardized management framework


Accenture helped China Merchants Holdings (International) Company Limited (CMHI), the world-leading and largest China-based public port operator, better integrate its domestic and international acquisitions into the company with a new business intelligence platform, single management framework and business intelligence competency center. The new capabilities are helping CMHI improve governance and operational effectiveness to further its growth agenda.


China Merchants Holdings (International) Company Limited (CMHI), the world-leading and largest China-based public port operator, sought to better integrate domestic and international acquisitions with a common framework and standards for evaluating performance across business units.


CMHI collaborated with Accenture to establish and roll out a single management and governance structure across four business units within 10 months, supported by common key performance indicators (KPIs). As a foundation, Accenture helped implement a business intelligence platform with analytics capabilities and a portal accessible from multiple devices. To help operate the new platform and oversee enterprise performance management processes across the company, Accenture and CMHI established a business intelligence competency center for C-level reporting. Change management activities embedded the new structure across business units.


CMHI now has the right reporting structure and tools in place to accurately monitor enterprise performance across business units using common standards of measurements. Business units now submit operational analytics reports monthly instead of twice a year, and the portal supports business assessments and planning activities. Executives now have the information they need to inform decision-making, react proactively to market changes and resolve business issues before they snowball. With greater visibility and standard KPIs, company executives can identify best practices to roll out across the company. The platform’s forecasting analytics capabilities help provide accurate, timely insights from across the company to improve planning and market agility. The project won the 2014 National Transportation Enterprises Management Modernization Innovation Award, issued by the China Association of Communication Enterprise Management.