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Large Canadian bank: Creating architectures for growth in a digital future

Enabling digital strategy to increase revenue, attract and retain customers and improve banking operations.


Recognizing that the key to its continued growth lay in going digital, the bank worked with Accenture to develop a digital strategy. As a next step, the bank sought to align the needs of the business to the capabilities of its enterprise and technology architecture to ensure it had all the right pieces in place to transform into a savvy digital enterprise.


Business Challenge

After years of steady growth, top executives at the bank were looking for a way to achieve the next level of performance. However, a survey of the landscape in Canada showed limited potential for physical expansion. In addition, research clearly showed evolving consumer demand for more personalized, easily accessible services.

After deciding its best future opportunities lay in digital, the bank worked with Accenture to create a strategy that would foster significant growth and open up new products and channels for customers. With a solid Digital Transformation Strategy in place, the bank next turned to defining the target business and enterprise architecture required to drive the change.

Accenture Strategy was chosen based on our global team of experts, our leading edge in Banking, and our strong track record in helping create the bank’s digital strategy. Accenture was asked to help develop the target business and enterprise architectures for the bank.

How We Helped

Using Accenture’s High Performance Banking asset, Accenture strategists began by providing our perspective on industry-leading architecture, and aligning all key executives to a single vision for bringing the business and technology together on the same path. The bank’s existing business architecture—the key link between its strategy and operating model—had been developed through a series of parallel processes, and stood separate from the enterprise technology architecture. By bringing together the various stakeholders, Accenture was able to broker a single view of the target business architecture that would facilitate consistent decision-making supporting business objectives.

The team established the target enterprise architecture for digital based on the defined target business architecture. Accenture helped to define an innovative, unique, digital-centric technology model to support Business and Technology decisions. Further, the team defined the roadmap required to implement the target architecture and realize the benefit.

Embracing digital helps the bank engage with its customers more effectively, provide a richer customer experience and ultimately lead to profitable growth. The integrated business and technology enterprise architecture outcomes are key strategic drivers to support the bank’s multi-year digital transformation. The target architecture allows the bank to make better-informed decisions that could lead to a higher return on its investments.