Rewiring organizations for customer-centric growth

Connected, customer-centric growth

Consumer values and needs are shifting faster than ever. Companies that differentiate with a relentless focus on customers—and that move at their speed—will drive market share and growth.
Transform your front office for growth

Business leaders today are developing an intimate understanding of their customers’ needs but they are also under immense pressure to deliver business results. That’s why successful organizations must adapt and align their front office with a relentless focus on the customer—harnessing modern technology platforms and both human and AI-powered insights—to continuously learn and improve the customer experience.

While growth remains the first priority for CEOs, most organizations are not yet set up to achieve their goals. Now is the time for leaders to transform their front office from solely focusing on business outcomes to measuring customer outcomes that drive growth.

Experience business transformation

Align business goals with a relentless focus on the customer.

We help businesses better align operating units to achieve strategic goals through a relentless focus on customer outcomes.
How we do it:
Align strategy to customer needs.
We tie insights on customer needs and mindsets directly to business strategy to articulate enhanced outcomes, such as growth in customers, markets and EBITA.

Assess priority areas for investment.
By assessing the critical technology, operating model and execution capabilities, we create a view of the priority areas needed to facilitate the new business strategy.

Create a blueprint for change.
By pairing the financial opportunity and investment areas, we define the case for change and build organizational awareness of the need for a new way of working.

Customer-centric operating models

Create agile teams and new ways of working.

We help the world’s leading businesses unleash the power of their talent by evolving their operating models and ways of working across channels and functions. We pair our understanding of customers’ needs with enabling technologies to help businesses become truly agile.
How we do it:
Shape outcome-oriented operating models.
We apply leading frameworks to facilitate the shift to new ways of managing cross-functional capabilities.

Structure organizational designs.
We detail the team structure, needed roles, talent development and reporting structures that fuel sustainable growth.

Design customer-centric business processes.
We assess the maturity of functional capabilities—weighing industry best practices, benchmarks, and technology-supported automation opportunities. We design the customer-centric business processes, ways of working and playbooks to ensure your teams’ readiness.

Develop the business case for investment.
We optimize your budget with a data-driven approach that harnesses efficiencies to enable investing in capabilities that will drive sustainable business growth.

Digital experience platforms

Connect your tech to be customer-centric.

We enable, create and advance a customer-centric business process and culture. We do this by building connected platforms and intelligence that bring agility to marketing and IT. This, in turn, delivers dynamic, multi-channel architectures that drive performance, marketing, sales and commerce outcomes—focusing squarely on the customer.​
How we do it:
Create a platform strategy and experience architecture.
We help marketers redesign internal marketing teams, tools and processes and agency/partner ecosystems to improve time to market and break down silos.

Build data-driven experiences.
We bring overarching campaign creative to life across the customer experience.

Execute with agility and business readiness.
We consolidate and process customer data and turn it into actionable insights, which are translated into customer strategies, targeted campaigns and ongoing optimization.

Customer & experience AI

Understanding your customers better than ever.

We help businesses use data and AI to understand and connect with their customers in ways that are purposeful, personal and profitable. Whether it's getting off the starting block or scaling an existing implementation, we’ll help with where to start.
How we do it:
Understand customer purpose.
View customer interactions through the lens of behavioral science, using a network of signals and  pre-built models to understand customer purpose.

Fuel every function with CX insights.
Extract CX insights from individual functions and push these insights left in your value chain, so the entire business can make decisions that improve customer experience and outcomes.

Build an adaptive enterprise with AI.
We consolidate and process customer data and turn it into actionable insights, which are translated into customer strategies, targeted campaigns and ongoing optimization.

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