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Forrester names Accenture a leader among global infrastructure outsourcing vendors

Accenture has “great strengths” in applications services and leadership in cloud, Forrester says.


Infrastructure outsourcing (IO) services have gained importance as businesses shift focus from cost reduction to revenue growth and improved customer experiences.

In response, IO service providers have expanded their service portfolios to include consulting, transformation, cloud management and more.

In the Forrester Wave: Global Infrastructure Outsourcing report for the first quarter of 2015, Forrester analysts ranked 13 major vendors based on 61 different factors.

We placed among industry leaders, Forrester said, citing our “great strengths” in several services and in cloud leadership. We scored highly in a number of other key areas.

"Infrastructure outsourcing services have become an important part of providing the right level of efficiency, flexibility, quality and innovation to support business customers’ needs and expectations" – Forrester.


In its evaluation of Accenture, Forrester highlighted the following:

  • Global Delivery Model – We design, build and run mission-critical infrastructures and enable digital technology to drive growth. We deploy a remote infrastructure management capability through our Global Delivery Network. The Accenture Cloud Platform helps clients manage across cloud, legacy and hybrid environments.

  • Ecosystem Participation – We have approximately 125 formal alliances and more than 500 commercial relationships through which we provide solutions. We selectively pursue industry- and capability-focused alliances, aiming to provide early insight into new products.

  • Continuous Improvement – We regularly address clients’ operational stability, flexibility and infrastructure agility, our pricing models are consumption-based and we structure our commercial terms to reflect shared risk and reward.

  • Customer Value Proposition – Many of our clients are focused on becoming digital businesses and leveraging “As-A-Service” technology. Our vision for intelligent infrastructure goes beyond cost reduction to provide the technology needed to help clients create greater customer intimacy, get new products and services to market faster, and achieve operational excellence. We provide a blueprint to transform infrastructure and provide the security capability needed to proactively manage risk.

  • Planned Enhancements – We seek to evolve services continually to better align with client requirements. Recent examples include our collaborations with IPsoft and ServiceNow for predictive analytics and service management, respectively, as well as our acquisition of Enkitec, an Oracle services provider.