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Enterprise Mobility Business Solutions

Accenture offers a wide range of enterprise mobililty solutions that address business needs and challenges across dozens of industries. 


Mobility is transforming businesses and industries across the globe. From communication and financial services, to entertainment and healthcare, our mobility business solutions are customized to help clients in any industry address both enterprise and customer-related challenges and opportunities. With mobility more pervasive than ever, the increasingly rapid evolution of new devices and technology are placing demands on the enterprise and creating opportunities for growth.

And while companies and organizations have embraced mobility conceptually - making considerable strides in infusing the technology into their everyday operations – gaps remain that, when addressed with the right solution, can help generate greater returns on their mobility investments. Accenture offers enterprise mobility solutions tailored to your unique industry challenges.

Harnessing enterprise-level mobility can help increase the efficiency of business processes, improve decision-making in the office and in the field, and deliver (and collect) accurate information, all in real-time. New technologies transform the way companies and organizations can monitor and manage their own performance, accelerating the cadence of their actions and driving improved performance throughout the enterprise.

Transforming the Field Force

Companies today face many challenges in their pursuit of growth. For some organizations, one of the biggest is building and maintaining a highly productive and efficient field force that provides high-quality customer service at a cost that doesn’t erode profitability.

In the past two decades, Accenture has worked with some of the world’s most influential organizations on field force initiatives that have helped these organizations to deliver a superior customer experience that fosters customer loyalty and satisfaction while reducing overall field force costs.


Download PDFDownload the PDF, "Transforming the Field Force". to learn more. [PDF, 942 KB]

Specific Services

Accenture Mobility offers a number of industry solutions, including the following:

Why Accenture

Accenture Mobility empowers clients to envision and achieve benefits from enterprise mobility that drive real outcomes, solutions and results in business performance.

Our core strengths combine deep technology capabilities with our industry-specific knowledge of today's challenges, opportunities and value levers. Our rich ecosystem of mobility partners enables us to provide independent advice on the best possible mobility solutions for our clients together with a range of technology-specific tools and enablers.

We deliver consistent and predictable service through a highly industrialized portfolio of assets, world-class processes and infrastructure with the flexibility required to adapt to changing needs and circumstances.

Our approach is one of partnership with our clients and we commit to achieve tangible business outcomes.

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