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Digital visioning

One day to explore your digital future.


Digital Visioning is designed to help business leaders answer a number of challenging questions and to engage senior business leaders in the changing world of technology while accelerating the digital agenda.

  • How do I engage my organization in new technologies? 

  • How do I keep a clear channel open to my customer? 

  • What new opportunities could digital create for my business?

Why Accenture

Business leaders collaborate with Accenture Strategy to leverage digital disruption for growth.  In an environment where digital technology drives value creation and growth, Accenture Strategy Digital Visioning services provide innovative, strategic guidance that can help executives bring a digital vision to life.

Over a period of approximately 7-8 weeks, the Digital Visioning journey focuses on engagement, exploration and action – each its own phase with imbedded workshops – and results in a comprehensive business plan draft. Executives can expect to leave with:

  • A shared digital vision across the C-Suite

  • Identified target value creation opportunities

  • Clarity on client-base readiness

  • Clear ownership of digital topics

  • Future challenges identified and planned for

  • Recovery plan for earlier failed attempts