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Talent management for the aerospace and defense industry

Winning the "war for talent" is a priority in all industries, but the need for human resources in Aerospace and Defense is critical.


As the generation that brought the industry through the Cold War, spurred the age of intercontinental jet travel and survived the cutbacks that followed begins to retire, there are fewer people with the right skills available to take their place.

Yet the talent question within Aerospace and Defense is not simply one of filling empty chairs. More than ever before, human talent separates high performers from their competition. Companies that attract, motivate and retain the right talent for the right programs can achieve high performance, making the need for human resources in Aerospace and Defense increasingly important.

Talent Management encompasses far more than salaries and benefits. Companies that successfully manage their talent know how to:

  • Align their workforces with corporate strategy

  • Attract, develop and retain talent

  • Minimize the loss of critical skills

  • Continuously challenge the enterprise

Why Accenture

Our Talent Management offer combines Accenture's in-depth knowledge of the talent issues within Aerospace and Defense with our accumulated experience and assets from other industries. Accenture uses experience, insight and industry perspective on talent management to help our clients achieve high performance.

By tailoring Accenture's Human Capital Transformation approach to your business, we can help our clients overcome the challenges that stand in the way of rapidly and cost-effectively building strong workforces. Potential benefits include:

  • Increased workforce productivity

  • Decreased employee attrition

  • Decreased time-to-competence

  • Reduced human resource related costs through outsourcing

Specific Services

Accenture can offer a broad range of talent management services either packaged together or stand-alone.

We can:

  • Develop and run learning services

  • Provide consulting to evaluate, assess and recommend alternatives to current ways of working

  • Introduce and manage performance management services

  • and run exit services

  • Provide human resource advisory services

  • Support pay and benefits services

  • Provide resourcing services