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Change your marketing operating model to drive efficiency and greater ROI

Achieve marketing operational excellence and efficiency through defined, scalable processes and ROI-led marketing investment structures.


Most organizations dream of creating a one-to-one connection with their digital customers, but how can you make it a reality?

For the past two decades, marketers have been evolving toward one-to-one marketing communications. Yet many are still struggling to realize the vision at sufficient speed and scale. The effort, the time and resources required are simply not sustainable.

Next-generation marketing operations require both a reorientation of the business with an updated operating model and a flexing of the platform with new technologies. Think robust, scalable and fast. To get there, marketing organizations must make changes across four key areas of the marketing operating model: processes, technology, organization/people and governance.


Specific Services

To realize the next generation of marketing communications you need both an updated business operating model and a platform flexible enough to handle new technologies. Accenture can help you with the following five key areas of marketing operations:

Case Study

Improved marketing operations to become a leading e-retailer in China

A large Chinese online retailer wanted to improve its marketing operations, sales and customer loyalty to achieve its goal of becoming a leading e-retailer in China.

To help the company better understand its customers and influence buying patterns, Accenture enabled the company to get a holistic view of customers’ activities and preferences. In addition to collecting and analyzing customer data, Accenture helped the company to re-organize themselves to best convert insights into actions quickly.


Digital Domain Mastery

Watch and listen as Mike Sutcliff, Chief Executive – Accenture Digital, describes the impact of technology on our lives, and how large companies are using their size, scale, and skills to move from being disrupted to becoming digital disruptors.

Why Accenture

With a high-performing operating model and new digital marketing capabilities working together, organizations can achieve the personalization goals at scale that have eluded many for years. It’s a big responsibility—an art, a science and a balancing act between too generic and too personal—but personalization powered by streamlined marketing operations is the future of marketing.

There are exciting opportunities for marketing organizations that rethink how they work to become more efficient. Talk to us and we’ll assess where your organization is today, create a capability blueprint, and develop a road map for change.