Accenture Interactive Digital Assistant: Driving superior customer interactions at scale

The Digital Assistant is a patented game-changing customer interaction solution that drives superior customer service at a radically lower operational cost.


The Accenture Interactive Digital Assistant is a patented game-changing digital customer interaction solution that drives superior customer service at a radically lower operational cost, through immediate and relevant customer recommendations supported by opportunistic human intervention. It combines artificial intelligence, live agents and social media to manage and optimize customer interaction across channels in a manner driven by automation.

Over time, and continuously learning through human interactions, the Digital Assistant’s artificial intelligence capabilities expand to handle an increasing number of interactions, allowing live agents to focus their time and talents on high value customers and more complex or critical issues. We call it "Hybrid Intelligence"—a new model that strikes the right balance between human intelligence and artificial intelligence.


​Blending human and robot interactions. That's smart digital customer service.

The rise of robots and self-learning machines is transforming the world. Man vs. machine is an outdated idea. But how do we embed the human touch in digital customer service at scale? We need a smarter model that puts people back in the equation, providing customers with meaningful interactions. Human intelligence + Artificial intelligence = Hybrid Intelligence. That’s the future of smart Digital Customer Service.



The Digital Assistant delivers powerful and novel business benefits including:

  • Driving significantly decreased operational costs through automated interactions and continuous learning from human interactions.

  • Improved customer satisfaction by providing immediate automated customer service but keeping human intelligence in the loop as needed.

  • Differentiated customer experience across web, mobile, social media and messaging bots, as well across emerging channels such as interactive robots and smart objects.

  • Driving increased sales and decreased shopping cart abandonment through personalized recommendations.

  • Providing opportunities for deeper customer insight that can improve products and services based on actual and natural conversations.

How Do I Get Started?

To avoid the common pitfalls of customer interaction automation, you need to pick the right customer journeys and appropriate interaction channels to automate—some customer interactions, such as simple “how to” questions, are a better fit for gradual automation than others. The Accenture Interactive Proprietary Digital Assistant Diagnostic tool uses machine learning on existing interaction data to identify the most valuable automation opportunities, determine realistic automation targets and create a business case for automation using hybrid intelligence.

Why Accenture

Accenture Interactive brings deep artificial intelligence skills, profound digital knowledge and skills, and an agile and innovative work ethic to its Digital Assistant managed service. Digital Assistant can be an adjunct to a company’s customer care process or included within a broader customer care business process outsourcing relationship.

Accenture Interactive helps the world’s leading brands delight their customers and drive superior marketing performance across the full multichannel customer experience. As part of Accenture Digital, Accenture Interactive works with over 23,000 Accenture professionals dedicated to serving marketing and digital clients to offer integrated, industrialized and industry-driven digital transformation and marketing services.