In brief

In brief

  • Travel companies who want a sustainable relationship with consumers need to move beyond the trip into travelers’ daily lives.
  • Getting it right means moving into the realm of hyper-relevance, a key competitive advantage and a necessity in the near future.
  • To compete with new entrants, travel companies must focus on five key areas: Purpose, Prestige, Partnership, Protection and Personalization.


Travel companies who see hoped-for returns from digital investments have usually nailed the art of hyper-relevance. As a result, they see increased loyalty, share of wallet, engagement and greater brand affinity. Hyper-relevance means they meet consumers on their own terms, using insights about their consumers to deliver an experience that is never static. Instead, it is continuously tailored. These brands move beyond the trip into travelers’ daily lives.

Total revenue and repeat business are no longer sufficient for measuring relevancy.

The most successful new competitors are born hyper-relevant

Consumers feel online travel agencies (OTAs) offer a more hyper-relevant experience than traditional travel companies—which begs the question: What are OTAs doing differently? In short, they are meeting consumers’ ever-changing expectations, inspiring and delighting them in five key areas: Purpose, Prestige, Partnership, Protection and Personalization. By continuously adapting in each of these areas, they can offer a more relevant, real-time experience.


Billion is at play, due to potential switching by travel consumers.


Travelers say they can feel the difference in a company moving toward hyper-relevance.

Consumer insight is the lynchpin

Moving beyond purely demographic data to a 360-degree view of a consumer’s lifestyle and preferences is key to becoming truly hyper-relevant. Travel companies who lead in the future will meet consumers in the moment—fully aware of the context of that moment—and will provide service that is relevant to it. To do that, they must have a wealth of consumer data to analyze for insights that matter.

Developing an understanding of what your consumer values, the goals they set for their personal and professional life, and what they do outside of travel, is a foundational step towards being more relevant in how you market to and create experiences for your consumers.

Companies must develop methods that track how well they are appealing to the values of their consumer and how well they are helping them achieve their goals. Travel providers should know how incorporated they are into their travelers’ everyday routines to truly measure hyper-relevance.

The next era of growth

The travel leaders of tomorrow are already beginning to meet travelers on their own terms with digital technologies to create thoughtful, inspirational, and continuously improved experiences, fueled by a new breadth and depth of consumer insights. Experiences that take travel companies beyond the trip and into consumers' daily lives.

That takes relevance to a new level—hyper-relevance. And its key to winning in a travel industry that gets more competitive every day.

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