In brief

In brief

  • Technology innovation, demographic shifts and growing competition are creating a new world for today’s workforces.
  • These disruptive forces are creating new challenges and opportunities for business leaders who hone their ability to engage and retain top talent.
  • Leaders that invest in the future will be better positioned to quickly and seamlessly adapt their workforce for the ever-dynamic business climate.
  • Oracle Learning Cloud is purpose-built to support today’s complex business talent development needs through disruption.

Skilling through disruption: A new day, new way

Maintaining a workforce with the right skills at the right time and right place may be an organization’s most important asset in harnessing disruption for future growth and success. New intelligence technologies, like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, create opportunities for innovation and disruption.


of execs surveyed by Accenture expect that in the next three years more than 60 percent of their workforce will move into new roles, requiring substantial reskilling due to the impact of technology.

Because multiple generations nudge elbows in the workforce, skilling programs must address a complex set of expectations. For today’s leading global organizations, competing at the pace and scale of digital disruption amid a continuous stream of new and formidable market players hinges on the effective skilling of their people.

So, just as business leaders appreciate the importance of delivering more personalized customer experiences, they must likewise do the same for their employees to drive effective engagement. Learning today needs to be curated and delivered in a more thoughtfully organized and consumable way that is: context-sensitive and adaptive, fully mobile accessible and social-ready.

The way people want to learn

Market leaders are focused on rapidly evolving the current learning model to support their talent needs into the future. And with human capital management (HCM) solutions such as Oracle HCM Learning Cloud, they have the tools to do so.

Oracle HCM Learning Cloud provides businesses with the capability to provide modernized, more engaging employee learning experiences. Oracle provides tools for a reimagined learning platform based on how people want to learn while offering administrators professional systems for tracking compliance and development.

Companies should apply the “70/20/10” rule for learner experience, which emphasizes on-the-go learning, followed by social and formal learning.

Oracle Learning Cloud delivers a personalized, socially-engaging learning experience to help maximize today’s talent potential with the agility to quickly and seamlessly adapt to dynamic business climates. Delivered natively as part of the Oracle HCM Cloud suite, the Oracle learning management system engine can also be applied with the Oracle Talent Management suite of products.

About the Authors

Brandon Johnson

HCM Lead – Oracle Business Group, Global

Laura Davis Taylor​

Associate Director – Accenture

Debra Lilley

HCM Lead – Oracle Business Group, Europe

Jay Kerr

Senior Manager – Accenture Strategy, Talent & Organization


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