"The Whipple Effect" explores purpose and innovation

Accenture Interactive group chief executive Brian Whipple serves as guest editor for the March 2020 edition of The Drum magazine, exploring how brands can use tech to develop purpose-fueled innovation.

Good talk

Brian sits down with David Droga to talk about the role of creativity in improving people’s lives.

"People now make judgment calls not just on what a product does but what it stands for. And it’s only going to keep moving that way."


Purposeful panel

A group of industry power players weighs in on questions like, "In 2020, is it essential that brands have purpose baked into them?"

Kyoko Matsushita, global CEO, Essence

"Brands can no longer afford to think about purpose as a marketing tactic…purpose has to be central to how the entire company operates."

Jay B Wilson, VP research, Gartner for Marketers

"Purpose-driven brands outperform peers across almost every dimension – from customer acquisition and loyalty to advocacy and employee engagement."

Todd Newman, VP of innovation, Keurig Dr Pepper

"I think it is possible for brands – particularly big ones – to have social impact without a purpose-built mission baked into a brand’s DNA."

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Talking trash

From a bank that turns trash to cash, to household brands embracing low-waste, refillable, and recyclable solutions, this issue goes deep to demonstrate less is more.

Reframing the discourse around waste, there are some companies out there choosing to look at it as the solution rather than a problem.

A few of his favorite things

Brian shares what he considers the most exciting, innovative, and life-changing new uses of technology from around the world.

Peek vision

Testing visual acuity using only a smartphone.


Understanding emotional engagement using facial coding.


Helping child welfare caseworkers see more with virtual reality.

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Be sure to download the full issue of The Whipple Effect. It’s packed with amazing articles showing how purpose and innovation are coming together to deliver more meaningful experiences.

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