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The power to seize opportunity before it knocks

Redefine what’s possible for your business with Applied Intelligence

Applied Intelligence is how Accenture uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to reimagine business—enabling our clients to do things differently and do different things. It’s our approach to embedding AI, automation and analytics at the core of the enterprise to break down silos and create more agile and adaptive processes, enable better decision making, and empower businesses to identify and capture completely new opportunities. And, we can do it at speed and scale thanks to an extensive suite of industrialized solutions for industries and functions.

Explore some of the ways Applied Intelligence is already redefining possibilities and powering new outcomes across business functions.


Today, customer service leaders struggle to create and sustain the “always-on, always-me” experiences that consumers expect.

We leverage AI to help unlock new insights and create more intelligent processes so you can provide excellent customer experiences at a decreased service-cost per customer. Reimagining customer interactions from account maintenance to payments, from troubleshooting to inquiries, we’ll help you embed AI into your core business functions to empower your workforce and delight your customers at the same time.


  • Supercharge agent productivity with the support of Virtual Agents and Intelligent Automation tools

  • Deliver timely, conversational customer interactions based on context and customer intent

  • Drive customers to digital experiences that can improve both speed and quality of resolution

  • Automate and scale consistency across all channels

  • Increase digital adoption by delivering personalized interactions



  • 30% improvement in speed-to-service

  • 18% increase in digital conversion rate

  • 20% increase in customer satisfaction




  • 10-30% product profit increase

  • 43% increase in campaign customer engagement

  • 72% increase in revenue resulting from personalized support

Across industries such as media & entertainment, retail and consumer goods, relevance is the new key to driving revenue growth. With consumers constantly evaluating choices, businesses must stay relevant in every moment between sales and service to capture new opportunities to engage and grow.

We’ll help you implement AI-powered solutions across customers, channels, and products. By breaking down data silos, AI can reveal a real-time, 360° view of your customer and glean insights that you couldn’t see before—powering new strategies and capabilities for optimization across growth levers.


  • Maximize value per customer by pinpointing highly relevant products and offers for prospective and current buyers

  • Reach customers across channels by utilizing our universal decision engine, while driving higher levels of engagement by continually optimizing with AI

  • Increase ongoing productivity of marketing media through AI and machine learning-enabled attribution


The healthcare ecosystem is experiencing seismic shifts stemming from new socio-economic realities, a new science landscape, and the consumerization of healthcare—all being rapidly pushed forward by advances in data, digital and technology. Incumbents have a tremendous opportunity to lead the market into a new era focused on truly delivering more effective, efficient and affordable healthcare.

AI can help you generate insights from vast amounts of data in real-time, creating new intelligence that can power innovative patient treatments, better care, more efficient operations and new business growth. And as one of the largest health and life sciences professional services providers globally, we can deliver increased speed-to-value through innovative contracting, partnerships, and scalable AI- and analytics-powered services.




  • Helping to reduce over 50% of avoidable hospital admissions

  • $300M annual medical cost reduction

  • 50% reduction in medical supply chain costs