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Transforming the financial services contact center

Contact center employees can help financial services firms deliver a positive and differentiating customer experience

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Firms continue to move to a self-service and process automation model for routine inquiries and transactions (such as address changes), pushing increasing responsibility to the customer. Now, when customers deal with a contact center representative or agent, they do so because their issues are too complex to resolve through automated or self-service options; or, they may have found that the digital process has broken down and human intervention is called for.

This means that contact center employees are confronted not only with more difficult problems but, often, with frustrated and/or unhappy customers. Through such techniques as coaching (not just in hard digital skills but also in softer skills such as empathy), the creation of new career paths for contact center employees, and the establishment of digital collaboration among teams and supervisors, financial services firms can increase their employees’ level of satisfaction and decrease levels of attrition and disengagement.