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Digital PLM

Reshape your innovation and product development.


Digital technologies are disrupting and changing businesses. Product innovation and development is at the forefront of this new technology wave. Integration of data, processes, business and IT is "stimulating" innovation in product and service delivery. For decades, companies have adopted tools to digitize and automate the product development data and workflows. Now, leaders are looking for a digital model to significantly increase the efficiency and effectiveness of PLM processes—and thus deliver substantially higher ROI on R&D.

These new trends are shaping the future of PLM, taking it to another level. Top performers recognize that a digital approach can boost the effectiveness of the PLM process dramatically. These leaders understand that digital enablers—social, mobile, analytics and cloud—can drive significantly more rapid, scalable, intelligent and connected PLM by helping to link all functions and constituents in an efficient network (see our Digital PLM Infographic). The technologies that sustain the Digital PLM model enable more agility and responsiveness both within and beyond the enterprise.



With potentially billions of dollars at stake – the ability to maximize the financial impact of product innovation has never been more important.

Accenture research revealed:


of executives who are very satisfied with their performance in converting ideas into market-ready products, services or business models


of executives feel they have an effective process for capturing ideas from outside their company.


feel lateness to market as one of the top reasons for innovation failure

Digital Enablers to PLM

Social: are you using digital platforms to generate new concepts?

Mobile: are you providing a connected customer experience?

Analytics: do you leverage the power of data to influence product development?

Cloud: do you have a strategy to accelerate speed to market?



Unprecedented real-time visibility resulting in an intelligent supply network and evolving operating models.


Seamless operations with unparalleled organizational flexibility and personalized experiences


Innovative actionable insights and decision making leveraging analytics, cognitive tools and smart apps


Exceptional speed to market due to extraordinary responsiveness and proactive prevention

Digital PLM

It’s time to adopt a digital model for product lifecycle management – or get left behind.


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