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Beyond insurance: Embracing innovation to monetize disruption

How innovative insurers can define a new role for themselves at the center of the new economy.

How long will the current insurance business model be sustainable? Core products are increasingly viewed as commodities. New competitors are emerging from across industry lines. Technology innovation will make some aspects of current insurance obsolete.

Accenture thinks it’s time to be proactive and move “beyond insurance.” Our new white paper probes two important growth options:

  1. In commercial lines, insurers should be working closely with technology innovators to make new products and services “safe realities”—much as Lloyd’s of London and other carriers helped to transform the risky shipping business into a global industry centuries ago.

  2. In personal insurance, a carrier can become a trusted advisor to clients—like a “life coach”—helping them manage their risks but also helping them manage the broader complexities of their lives.

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