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Nab Show 2019 April 9-12, 2018 | Las Vegas
Innovation. Applied Now.

Bringing TV To Life VIII


From the birth of the industry, television providers have always combined technology, insight and opportunity to stay ahead. But the recent, rapid growth of platform players offering IP-based video consumption has created a new urgency for innovation. In this edition of Bringing TV to Life, we dig deeper into why innovation remains essential to your success and how you can embrace the latest ideas to keep it alive in your products, engineering, operating model, workforce, commercial models and ecosystems.

Innovation. Applied Now.


Our senior leadership is prepared to inspire you on your transformational journey, engage you with our consultative approach, and illustrate the power of Accenture. The outcome?

1 Winning in the disruption era

Digital Transformation Playbook for the Media Industry

2 Applying intelligent disruption

Technology that Bolsters the Bottom Line

3 Playing smarter

Digital Video & Advertising Re-Imagined


Revolutionizing advertising with artificial intelligence

Media companies are combining AI with next-level personalization to tailor almost everything.

Back to the future–a resurgence for traditional advertising?

Marketers are beginning to balance traditional and new channels to achieve an ideal mix.

Augmented and virtual reality move center stage

Broadcasters are moving beyond gaming to monetize the possibilities of augmented and virtual reality.

The establishment prioritizes data to attract and retain customers

Legacy broadcasters are leveraging mountains of data to build lower cost, personalized options.


The old will become new again—while the new pushes innovative boundaries. View all the stories to watch below.



Digital Transformation

Five emerging trends highlight the challenges of today’s media & entertainment companies, felt across the whole value chain.








Technology that Bolsters the Bottom Line

Technology is fundamentally reshaping core elements of the media industry value chain. Accenture examines the new technology trends that every media executive needs to know to get ahead and stay competitive.



The benefits of blockchain could be transformational across a wide range of media and entertainment industry contexts. Greater transparency, more accurate payments, improved understanding of audiences for specific content and more effective targeting of advertising, are just a few. But, to take advantage of these opportunities, media businesses need to understand how the technology works—and the implications for each and every participant across the industry value chain.

AI is getting tremendous attention these days. But, how does it fit into the new world of tv? Accenture has identified key opportunities across the industry where AI will have the greatest impact. We will share our insights on this subject and talk with companies about successfully integrating AI into their organization to increase efficiencies, improve operations and grow revenue.

Are media companies behind the curve? Media companies are prime targets for attack, largely due to a lack of initiative and a misplaced level of confidence. Results from a recent Accenture survey showed 75% of media companies felt “confident” they were taking adequate measures, yet one in three breach attempts targeted at media companies were successful. “Security” needs to be redefined—especially with the rise of OTT, social media content and new advertising platforms. At NAB, we will be on hand to discuss how media companies can thwart threats and reduce exposure.

With consumer interest in new digital services for the home reaching the mainstream, now is the moment for content providers to evolve their business models and define their position in the home. At NAB, we will be discussing our insights on the digital home opportunity, showcasing Accenture Home Platform, and presenting a use case on seamless connectivity, one of the foundations for future success in the connected home.


Digital Video & Advertising Re-Imagined

Content creators and broadcasters are being forced to transform by a radical new market. To compete, they must reinvent fundamental capabilities and become “intelligent content providers.” At NAB, we will highlight innovative opportunities for the media companies of today to become media-tech companies of the future.

Digital Video & Advertising

It is fascinating think how far the tv experience has come in recent years. A continual, and accelerating, stream of innovation has brought us here—where will it take us next? Bringing TV to Life 8, the newest edition of Accenture’s annual go-to guide for the Communications & Media industry, reveals the keys to successful innovation in the fast-paced digital world. Join our industry leadership to learn about strategies for identifying and prioritizing opportunities, essential tools and techniques to support transformation, and our innovation framework to help companies harness their talents, resources and capabilities for their own journey.

Through the analysis of the main market trends impacting the advertising industry—advanced TV advertising, multiplatform TV, artificial intelligence/machine learning, and programmatic sales—we will share our experience on how Communications & Media companies are seizing new opportunities through platform-based, data-driven, experience-led digital transformation.

Digital video disruptors are renowned for their ability to apply data to enable and drive their business. However, now that the barriers to entry to being data-driven are tumbling, this opportunity is open to every video business. Our video marketing and monetization experts will be at NAB to show how our end-to-end approach can help companies get more revenue from content and investments, and deliver new levels of engagement. The results: precise targeting, higher subscriptions, more satisfied viewers, and fewer service calls.


Digital Brands: The New Rules of Building Audiences

Accenture's Peri Shamsai moderated an NAB sponsored panel Tuesday afternoon on building brands in the digital world. Peri set the stage by sharing findings from Accenture's Digital Consumer Survey, and then led a lively discussion with panelists, including:

- Robert Gelick, EVP and GM, CBS Entertainment Digital at CBS Interactive
- Eric Svenson, Vice President Marketing, Newsy
- Lesley Rose, Director Audience Development, Roku
- Hillary Henderson, Senior Director of Product Strategy and Management, IBM Watson Media and IBM Cloud Video

The Digital Video and the Connected Consumer Movement

Accenture's Mike Chapman presented the Digital Narrative for media as part of the SET breakfast series. Mike shared how new technologies are impacting consumer behaviors towards video and entertainment–and discussed the trends, challenges, and opportunities the industry faces in reaching a fragmented audience across multiple platforms.


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