Mattias Lewrén

Country Managing Director

Joined Accenture in: 1988

About Mattias:
Mattias joined Accenture after graduating from the University of Uppsala. During his career he’s served in many senior leadership positions in regions across the world including Asia Pacific, Europe and Latin America. Mattias has a long successful track record in the Communications, Media and High Tech industry; both as a thought leader and as a lead of transformational change programs for some of the largest and most admired companies.

What’s on the horizon:
We should expect more—and accelerated—disruption of business models and competitive strategies from further globalization and digital innovation. It might appear obvious for most industries. But even for the public sector the impacts will be transformational. Nearly all aspects of public services are now spanning beyond the borders of our country. Crime is international, tax is a global matter and all government authorities need effective ways to maintain ties to an increasingly far-flung citizenry. Regardless of industry, all organizations must effectively consider this increasingly globalized world. Regarding digital; the tidal wave of innovation around Internet of Things (IoT) constitutes an enormous business opportunity. Soon all products that can be will be connected and contain smart embedded technology. IoT will transform our traditional product manufacturers into service providers—and revolutionize their customer relationships. It’s also an area with unlimited growth possibilities for Sweden.

Mattias Lewrén

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