Lee Moore

Senior Managing Director – Products, Global Sales Director at Accenture

Lee Moore is the Senior Managing Director - Global Sales in the Products operating group which encompasses the air, freight & travel services; automotive; consumer goods & services; industrial equipment; infrastructure & transportation services; life sciences; and retail industries. He is responsible for achieving the Products’ sales targets, overseeing our largest and most complex client arrangements, developing and driving sales strategy and leading sales effectiveness programmes.

Lee’s previous roles included Sales Lead for Products EALA and Products UK and Ireland. Prior to that he was Managing Director – Consumer Goods & Services, UK where he led relationship development, sales and delivery activities with many clients particularly in the Sales and Marketing area.

Prior to moving into sales and outsourcing, Lee worked in consulting where he specialized in the design and delivery of large scale IT delivery programmes. He also worked on IT strategy, customer relationship management and ecommerce programmes.

Lee holds a degree in Computational Science and Mathematics from the University of Leeds.