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Case Study

Balancing Medicaid cost & quality

Albany Medical Center, PPS leads regional initiative to boost care quality and slow Medicaid costs.


What Accenture did

Behavioral health challenges

This is an increasingly complex population combined with a lack of resources and fragmented care.

Inconsistent communication across care continuum

Inconsistent communications across levels of care was a challenge for almost every affiliate.

Fragmented care continuum function and process

For most of the sites these functions are dependent on expertise of staff rather standard process.

Limited data exchange

The affiliates use a multitude of systems that are often not interfaced, use of the New York health exchange varies and adoption is low.

Limited availability for placements and services

There are limited options and extreme wait times for patients needing care, services is a key issue across sites.

Socio-economic barriers to care

Social barriers often prevent patients from taking basic steps for proactive health maintenance.

Value delivered

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