As Sweden’s leading wholesaler and supplier to the food service industry, the company works to bring their knowhow to customers consistently and easily. That means offering everything from order and delivery to recipes, tips, and inspiration online. To make life even easier for customers, the company decided to spruce up its digital presence, making it more robust and relevant for mobile solutions, allowing them to meet the customer in their preferred channel. And in the process, support better, more inspirational choices for customers to cook up in their kitchens. The company’s e-commerce now drives more than 50 percent of their revenue.

Their aim: increase that share of e-commerce users even further.

What Accenture did

The project unfolded in two phases. To kick off the first phase, Accenture orchestrated a multidisciplinary leadership team from Martin & Servera, including marketing, sales and technology. To design a solution to serve the needs of the entire business. Not just one part of it.

Another key ingredient in the recipe from the Accenture team included a hybrid, agile methodology leveraging service designers to understand the customers, experienced Intershop e-commerce developers, and a flexible SCRUM delivery model. Whipping up an application more responsive to Martin & Servera’s customer base.

In phase two of the project, focused more intently on enhancing the online experience, Accenture, FJORD and Martin & Servera held a series of workshops at customer restaurants to create, test and refine different digital features. Ensuring the best digital experience for existing and new buyers alike.

People and culture

"Accenture helped us approach our customers in a much more business-to-consumer way. Using digital tools like comparison algorithms, recipes and rich graphics they experience it online and get inspired."

— Hanna Nettelvik, CIO, Martin & Servera

Value delivered

“The proof is in the pudding.” And the Martin & Servera platform is cooking up results. It’s led to growth in new markets as well since the online tool is easy to roll out and adapt. And the platform has allowed Martin & Servera to extend its operating hours with full-service ordering now available on evenings and weekends, a critical need for many restaurants. What’s more, the agile methodology used during the project was adopted by Martin & Servera and is still in use.

The solution has the look and feel of an e-commerce site making it intuitive for customers to use, and signaling to prospective customers that Martin & Servera understand their needs. The result: Customers become regulars.

Thanks to the new system, the value of orders has also increased because the online tool makes suggestions based on past orders and allows for easier reordering and navigation of the extensive Martin & Servera product catalog.

Another goal that’s been met: Martin & Servera believe in sustainable choices when it comes to food selection. The online channel clearly labels items to indicate which are better for people and the planet. This is especially important for public sector buyers like schools and hospitals that have regulatory standards to uphold.

The Approach has gained notice outside the restaurant industry: Media giant IDG listed Martin & Serveras as one of the 10 best Swedish online sites. And noted that the company "set the bar" for B2B ecommerce within Sweden.

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