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Welcome To The Studio

Tomorrow-proof your business with liquid applications

The Accenture Liquid Studios are designed for rapid application development. We help companies become built for change through new skills, processes, products and ways of working.

Our highly-skilled engineers use rapid application development principles; lightweight and microservice-based architectures; and technologies that transform experiences and operations, such as the Internet of Things and wearables.

The Studios bring the world of liquid, intelligent and connected applications to life.

Our Studio videos

How We Work



Immerse your team in rapid development principles such as DevOps and lean engineering to automate and accelerate delivery, while improving quality.



Embrace experimentation and a fail-fast style of development to produce better products and services, faster.



Quickly assemble new applications using an existing ecosystem of reusable services and standard APIs to increase operational efficiency and transform customer experiences.



Work along-side our highly-skilled studio residents to apply emerging technologies from the lab and start up community into development to address business challenges.

Benefits Of The Studio

Speed to market is the new essence of software delivery in the digital world. The Liquid Studio will help deliver innovative solutions to businesses with speed and agility.

Bhaskar Ghosh

Group Chief Executive
Accenture Technology Services


To meet your need for speed, join us at one of our growing list of locations around the globe.

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