October 19, 2016
En vecka i en konsults liv: Tillbaka på jobbet efter pappaledigheten
By: Dogulas at Resources

The Accenture corporate bakery. Tuesday evening and all is gradually settling down after a bedtime complicated by a long ”daddy sat on my fooooooooooooot” complaint sequence, and here I am back in front of the screen to share a bit of how my day went.

We recently moved from an apartment in bustling Birkastan (Stockholm) to a house on (tranquil? quaint? cosy? über-quiet? pick your adjective) Lidingö. It’s a big adjustment, made bigger now that both my and my wife’s parental leave is finished – I’ve been back on the job full-time now for 18 days. That means early mornings, getting the girls ready for school, drop off, and both ourselves into the city. My wife, bless her heart, does most of the dropping off and picking up, but she has a busy career as well so I try to fill in when she has early meetings or late events. Accenture recognises that modern young families are a special kind of a beast, and if I need to come in a little late or leave a little early, people understand. Let’s face it, sometimes the pendulum swings the other way, with late nights finishing proposals, early mornings getting to the airport, etc. It’s give and take.

My drive into work is a great way to start the day and clear my mind a little before getting to the office. I love to drive (what can I say, I was born in the 1970s) and I almost always take the route from our house to the bridge, that is actually a bit longer, narrower, full of twists and turns, and hills. Besides the road itself, the scenery on my way in is nothing short of beautiful, going past horse farms, a nature reserve, and water. I love driving past water and even get another dose of it as I cross the bridge into Stockholm. Then it’s under the new tunnel and bang! I pop out on the other side in the middle of it all. I get a dose of the city every day on the way from Roslagstull to Kungsholmen where Accenture’s office sits, and to be honest sometimes I do miss it. But still, Lidingö to the office door to door I can do in 20-25 minutes assuming there’s no huge traffic. And it’s better for the kids…. right.


As I spoke a little about yesterday, I am lucky to have a job that matches my attention span, meaning I work on a lot of different things each day. My days can be rather packed with meetings, and that makes for quick changes between industries, clients, topics. Even some internal activities. Today for example some of the discussions I had were around:

  • Bringing new, exciting digital strategies (think loyalty, store performance analytics, supply chain solutions etc) to a fuel retailing client we already do some work with

  • Leading a training workshop for my peers in Assets and Operations, all about different ways of bringing our solutions to our clients (that will be in Oslo in a few weeks)

  • Presenting Robotic Process Automation (read about it!) to a paper company in Finland

  • Writing an Accenture “point of view” about sustainability in the Nordic energy industry

  • How to help a Swedish paper company sort out their newly-formed innovation department And that was just in the morning!


I ran some errands at lunch (our office is close to Västermalmsgallerian, quite handy!) and then I got an SMS from a colleague to meet for lunch. God was smiling on Accenture Stockholm when he decided that a bakery called Les Petits Boudins should open across the street. Their soup and sandwich quick lunch is perfect when time is short.


The afternoon was much like the morning. Lots of conversations, lots of idea generation and lots of interaction with clients and colleagues. Then back home via my favorite drive to the most demanding of clients… that 4 year old and 2 year old I mentioned yesterday. That’s it for me today, sleep tight and speak tomorrow when it all starts over again!

Allt gott! /Douglas

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