Winner of the HumAInity Open Innovation Challenge 2020

We are excited to announce Medified as the winner of the HumAInity Open Innovation Challenge 2020. The final was held virtually on November 17 as part of the Rise of AI Summit—where we finally got to see how the ideas of all four finalists—Healper, Breathe, NoStress and Medified—had evolved since they received a grant of €20.000 to share during the semifinals in April.

The jury—comprised of representatives from Accenture, SingularityU Nordic, Samsung, Furhat Robotics, Swedbank and Save the Children—announced Medified as the winner based on five criteria: (1) potential to enhance Nordic mental health; (2) impact and scalability; (3) novelty and uniqueness; (4) impact of winning the challenge; and (5) use of AI.

"The winning team impressed the jury with their unique take on the challenge that mental healthcare is facing, sophisticated use of new technologies and machine learning as well as well-reasoned business model! We are proud to present that the winner of HumAInity Innovation Challenge 2020 is team Medified!"

As the winner of the HumAInity Open Innovation Challenge 2020, Medified is awarded a customized coaching package, where Accenture together with our partners will provide guidance and support to accelerate the development of Medified.

"We are excited to see your next steps and look forward to supporting you on your continued journey in developing Medified", Accenture’s Sandy Sandhu says.

Finalists 2020

Here are the four innovations that shared the grant of 20.000 euro and by addressing the complex relationship between mental well-being and artificial intelligence.


Medified is a mobile application measuring the treatment intensity and provides more personalized support for patients with the help of AI. The solution transforms mental health treatment with a dynamic connection between healthcare professionals and mental health patients. Patients can capture daily feelings in a precise and secure way without causing excessive workload for patients or professionals. Cloud-based software for healthcare professionals analyzes patient produced data in real-time and provides valuable insight for professionals to use in clinical treatment decisions. Dynamic treatment data is also beneficial for optimizing treatment paths, developing diagnostics and allocating resources. The complexity of mental health treatments and limited time resources force professionals to work with uncertainties. The goal of Medified is to increase the impact of healthcare professionals with supportive AI-enhanced diagnostics software.


Healper is a Danish booking platform where the patient first fills out a survey and then is matched with an ideal psychologist based on the individual’s mental health issue, location and "natural" connection with the psychologist. The idea originated from an AI video diary app, measuring people’s feelings as well as their mental state while in therapy, identifying that people spend up to five hours trying to find their psychologist and sadly, only about 20% of them find chemistry with their chosen psychologist. Thereby, prolonging the suffering. Healper expect to reduce the time spent on finding a psychologist and reduce the risk of a bad match by 75% based on recurring clients.


Breathe is a smart digital coach in your mobile for enhanced health behavior, with the aim of having a zero burnout rate in workplaces. The employee does self-reflection for improved self-awareness and self-leadership. Through AI solution analysis, Breathe visualizes and sends the user feedback for improved health behavior. The end goal is naturally to prevent people suffering from mental illness, as well as reducing costs for organizations and society at large, when dealing with stress, by appointing it in an early stage.


NoStress is an AI based tool that predicts work related stress levels by using data collected via smartphones, wearables, services such as email, calendar, weather information, and self-reports of stress and well-being. The concept is to extract features from these data sources and develop a personalized model to predict and flag that an individual is at risk of suffering from harmful stress. This will make it possible to intervene in an early stage, to minimize the risk of chronic stress-related illnesses. NoStress allows businesses to access anonymized, department-level data on stress, and data that can help to detect lack of resources on a team/department level. Additionally, NoStress wishes to result in higher employee satisfaction scores.

About HumAInity Open Innovation Challenge

Although the Nordic region is ranked high on the global happiness rankings, 12 percent of the population is suffering from loneliness and stress; anxiety and burnouts are increasing continuously.

Mental health issues have become a major challenge across the Nordics in recent years, manifested as experiences of social exclusion, depression and other kinds of mental well-being challenges.

Can technology help?

Digitalization and screen time are often seen as contributing factors to poor mental health. But we strongly believe that new technologies, such as AI, also can be part of the solution and help address mental wellbeing. That is why Accenture with SingularityU Nordic, Samsung, Furhat Robotics, Swedbank and Save the Children initiated the HumAInity Open Innovation Challenge.


The winner will be selected by the following jury, consisting of prominent experts from our partner organizations.

Daniel Hjelte

Nordic AI lead – Accenture

Elin Wallberg

Corporate Citizenship & Brand and Partnerships Manager – Samsung Electronics, Nordic

Susanna Dillenbeck

Commercial Partnerships Manager – Furhat Robotics

Ola Mattsson

Head of Growth & Innovation Hub – Save the Children

Laila Pawlak

CEO – Singularity U, Nordic

Nima Ghorbani

Head of Analytics & AI – Swedbank

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