2021 theme: From ill-being to well-being

The Nordic countries are generally defined as happy people, and we usually rank high on the global happiness index. But the last year has been tough and challenging for everyone around the world.

Living in a contagious world has been mentally and physically challenging for many of us, causing stress, isolation and sickness. Working from home has made us less active and more vulnerable to ill-being, such as mental health disorders and physical pain. In addition to the actual COVID-19 virus, we’re facing countless well-being challenges caused by these changed life conditions.

The unprecedented days are far from over, so we need to act. At Accenture, we strongly believe that AI is the solution to many of the challenges we face today. We’re dedicated to investing in ideas that can lead the way to a better future and to deliver on the promise of technology and human ingenuity.

We challenge you – can your AI innovation help people go from ill to well?

Make a difference and win up to €20,000

The HumAInity Open Innovation Challenge aims to give you the best possibilities to actually make a difference. If your AI innovation can help beat today’s threats to well-being, you can win up to €20,000 to develop or scale your idea.

A few words on what we mean with "well-being"

At Accenture, we define well-being from a 360-degree perspective with the four building blocks of body, mind, heart and soul. Your innovation might tackle one or multiple of these areas.

Body is about physical well-being through sleep, exercise and nutrition.
Mind is about mental well-being through the feeling of reaching your fullest potential.
Heart is about the sense of belonging and self-value.
Soul is about the sense of purpose and passion.

About the challenge

This year's the challenge will follow a fully virtual format.


We kick off the 2021 challenge on March 26 by opening the application period.


The application period ends on May 27. If you’re one of the four finalist teams, you will hear from us in the near future so you can start getting ready for the final event.


The HumAInity Innovation Challenge will be concluded during a digital final event which will be communicated shortly. The finalist teams will pitch their ideas and our prominent jury will declare the winners.

The fine print

The innovation should 

  • Improve the Nordic well-being 
  • Include the use of AI 
  • Enable scalability
  • Ensure impact and uniqueness 

Participating rules

  • This is a challenge for anyone with an idea on how to improve well-being in the Nordics with the help of AI.
  • Submissions need to be done by May 27. The final event is hosted online from Stockholm and will be communicated shortly.
  • The prize money of €20,000 to help scale up the idea is divided by the winner(s).
  • The award is paid in EUR within 90 days to a bank account in the name of the winner. For teams, the prize is paid to the team lead. 
  • Reporting and payment of all taxes, duties, levies, fees, and/or surcharges, if any, arising out of, or resulting from, acceptance or use of a prize are the sole responsibility of the winner of the prize.
  • The winner has to provide any information requested in connection with reporting or assessment required by tax or other authorities. 
  • The intellectual property rights remain with the individual at all times – regardless of whether the idea is selected to be pitched to the jury or not. 

Congrats to last year’s winners!

Medified won the HumAInity Open Innovation Challenge 2020 with their innovative idea of an app that enables a digital connection between healthcare professionals and patients. The software in the app monitors patients in real-time through data and AI and helps the right patients to get treatment faster and more efficiently by their healthcare professionals.

2020 highlights

"What impressed me the most was the width of the solutions. They have been able to materialize their ideas and are using technology in innovative ways with artificial intelligence being the driver in most of the cases."

— Anna Rydén, Samsung

Memory Lane: AI that helps tackle loneliness

Accenture and Stockholm Exergi worked together to create a groundbreaking project that uses Google Voice Assistant and conversational AI that enables people, particularly the elderly, to capture memorable life stories for future generations and also provide companionship.


Meet the Jury

The winner will be selected by the following jury, consisting of prominent experts from our partner organizations.

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