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Half of Norwegian citizens synch up to a digital health program


The Norwegian Directorate of Health (the Directorate) serves Norway’s population of just over five million citizens in the areas of public health and living conditions as well as health services. It is responsible for monitoring the conditions that affect public health and living conditions and monitoring the trends in health and care services. It provides advice and guidance to government, and ensures that approved policies are implemented in the health and care area.

October, 2015: The Directorate needed to find ways to implement national public health policies that:

  • Increase patient safety

  • Improve interactions between health services

  • Increase patient empowerment

In an effort to overcome the challenges caused by Norway’s health information silos, the aim was a national registry providing critical information in real time to appropriate clinicians. “Nasjonal Kjernejournal” (“the national EMR core”) was planned in order to ensure important patient information that was difficult to obtain and, once obtained, was of varying accuracy, would henceforth be accurate and easily accessible.


The Directorate did not have the expertise and resources required to implement the project internally, and selected Accenture to help develop a thorough understanding of expressed needs and challenges—and then implement the system. Pilots included the municipalities of Trondheim, Melhus, Malvik og Klæbu, Stavanger, and Randaberg og Sola. It covered the areas of:

  • Out-of-hours emergency primary care centre

  • Emergency medical services

  • EMCC (Emergency Medical Communication Centre)

  • General practitioners offices


During 2015 the Oracle-based solution is being implemented nationally in emergency units and general practioners’ offices, with pilots for hospitals, nursing homes and home care services and further development of functionality and integration with electronic health records.
Kjernejournal would not have been delivered without them (Accenture).
Health Directorate, Norway


The system has already had a major impact on how healthcare is delivered in Norway:

  • Over 2800 healthcare personnel are using the system

  • 2.3 million citizens are enrolled in the system

  • Over 120 million electronic medication messages processed on the system