Home Pervasive Network

Effectively managing field operations while improving the customer experience​.

Smart Home services such as connected security, smart thermostats and voice activation systems are offering Communications Service Providers (CSPs) new opportunities for profitable revenue growth. CSPs have several unique differentiators in delivering such services, including access to a full range of network traffic data and the ability to control all aspects of service delivery.

However, CSPs have found it difficult to convert these differentiators into an advantage. They will need to overcome consumers' current tendency toward engaging with separate companies for each home service.

Accenture helps CSPs with a number of immediate priorities in this area:

  • Legacy Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) Transformation: Outsourcing development and maintenance of set-top boxes (STBs) and gateways, leveraging open source alternatives to costly proprietary stacks.

  • Predictive Customer Care: Developing advanced customer support solutions that leverage machine learning and analytics to reduce the rate of customer calls and the cost to resolve.

  • In-Home Connectivity Assurance: Applying advanced data analytics to real-time device telemetry coming from the home to simplify Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYoD) and IoT device on-boarding and operation.

  • Next Generation CPE Engineering: Developing the next generation of STBs, gateways, and applications to help enable seamless delivery of Home 2.0 services.

  • IoT Marketplace Enablement: Developing new back-office and front-office capabilities required to help enable profitable on-boarding of new third-party service provider partners.

  • Business Transformation/Platform Strategy Consulting: Changing CSPs' business and operating model to incorporate user journeys across broadband, entertainment and connected home, while supporting platform strategy and implementation, including third-party elements.