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Accenture's services for midstream energy

Accenture helps companies with gas reserves, pipeline operators and LNG companies meet operational needs in today's evolving environment.


Gas companies, pipeline operators and liquefied natural gas (LNG) companies are challenged with identifying growth opportunities and strategizing changes to operating models within a dynamic new business environment. Accenture, via our suite of gas-specific offerings, is well-positioned to help clients overcome these challenges.


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Why Accenture

We offer our clients a holistic view of the gas value chain to enable them to develop innovative strategies, design and execute business processes, get the most out of information technology and maximize the talents of their people.

Specific Services

Accenture services for the gas industry include:

  • Gas business strategies

  • Gas operating model and business process design

  • Gas asset operations

  • Gas trading, marketing and risk management

  • Gas enterprise systems implementation

  • Outsourcing services