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Accenture Client Enablement tool for Workday

Connecting teams in the cloud to work faster and smarter with New IT


Project teams working with clients to implement Workday solutions have historically relied on spreadsheets to manage the software development lifecycle. Accenture has developed an innovative solution that reduces the complexities and frustrations that arise when updating, tracking, sharing and analyzing a project’s progress, decisions, data and risks in the spreadsheet format.

Based on® cloud technologies, Accenture Client Enablement (ACE) tool provides up-to-the-minute program updates and enables global teams to maintain rigor and consistency across their program management initiatives.

The Accenture Client Enablement (ACE) tool for Workday is an easy- to-install and easy-to-use online, cloud-based program management tool that incorporates repeatable leading practices gleaned from Accenture’s vast Workday implementation experience.

How it Works

The tool, which is used during all phases of a Workday implementation, helps project teams to capture, track and manage program performance in real time, across a number of dimensions:

  • Scope and timeline

  • Stakeholder groups

  • Business drivers and requirements

  • Milestones

  • Issues & risks

  • Key actions, decisions & questions

The comprehensive set of features contained in the tool help manage the program actions so none are overlooked: dashboards and reports provide at-a-glance visual representations of key metrics and performance, and enable teams to access granular levels of detail with a simple click. Most importantly, the cloud-based tool enables real-time updates from both Accenture and clients.

Potential Benefits

ACE enables project teams to:

  • Define the scope of the Workday project and seek the “to-be” vision

  • Establish transparent, highly organized program management and governance capabilities

  • Consistently and quickly apply leading edge practice implementation processes across lines of business or geographies

  • Manage roles, responsibilities and decisions across the project lifecycle, from deal closure through project execution

  • Collaborate in real-time across geographies

  • Access real-time insights into program health through dashboards and reports (and drill into details with a simple click of the mouse)

  • Save time by not having to maintain spreadsheets and create weekly status presentations


Kayce Ford
Workday Assets and Offerings Lead, Accenture


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