In brief

In brief

  • Corporate executives are being confronted with never-before-seen business challenges.
  • The technological world is moving so rapidly that the next iteration is beginning before the last has completed.
  • Amid this complexity, the responsibilities of the C-Suite are evolving to keep pace.

Leading the way

It’s a time for vision. It’s a time for action. It's a time for leadership. Today’s leaders know that they have to find value as they grow, and that agility to seize opportunities is as important as the insights generated from massive amounts of data.

Leaders must infuse ingenuity now to keep pace with the rapidly moving technological world. They must also ensure continuous, sustainable innovation for what’s next.

To navigate this world of persistent change and deliver perpetual value, executives are no longer viewed as operators of the business but are now tasked with strategically growing and guiding the business into the future.

Every company today is a technology company

Every company today is a technology company. Companies therefore need to apply a thoughtful approach to supporting their applications, infrastructure and business processes.

The emphasis must shift from keeping the lights on towards continuous innovation and capitalizing on new pockets of value.

Future systems

The ability to think of transformation as a fluid, ongoing activity is the key to success. In other words, to compete effectively, companies must constantly evolve the applications and surrounding technologies they use to support the front- and back-office. These multi-platform, often multi-cloud application landscapes, is truly transformative technology.

The Perpetuals allow you to support your applications, infrastructure and business processes with a Technology Transformation approach. Shifting from static services to a true elastic model provides access to experts and the ability to flex as needed. Executives will need to take a more future-focused approach to support their organizations going forward.

C-Suite responsibilities are evolving

Aside from recent global health crises, organizations are being confronted with geopolitical forces, environmental concerns, digital disruption, new technologies and ever-shifting consumer sentiment. Against this backdrop, we see three overarching priorities for C-Suite leaders as they look to embrace this new model of perpetual support:

  1. Focus on business priorities to deliver perpetual value and significantly reduce operating costs.
  2. Find the right balance across people, process and technology to achieve sustainable growth.
  3. Future-ready support and operations organizations, embracing technologies and models that boost agility to manage rapid change.

Having the right partner can make all the difference as organizations tackle the concept of “perpetual support” and aim to achieve the optimal focus, balance and agility going forward to successfully compete.

Michael Egger

Delivery and Sales Excellence ‒ Oracle Business Group, North America


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