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Accenture to acquire AppsPro

Accenture has announced entering into an agreement to acquire AppsPro, one of the leading Oracle Cloud implementation service providers in Saudi Arabia and the first acquisition for Accenture in the Kingdom.

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A smarter way for land ports to manage capacity

As land ports across the Middle East and beyond embark on the journey to that future, the reality is that optimising their management of lanes remains a challenge for many. Mohammed Adlani, shares his view on key steps to follow.

Data-enabled targeting to transform inspections

Smart targeting using digital technologies is opening up opportunities to enhance speed, efficiency and “hit rates” for catching fraudsters.

Making a digital twin work for your supply chain

We delve into what makes a digital twin work and highlight specific examples of how our clients have unchained digital twins to boost their supply performance.

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Untangling red tape to enter Finland

Border management and immigration are some of the most impactful trends affecting the modern world. Since 2010, on average 22,000 people have applied for their first residence permit in Finland annually—around half of them to study or work. With immigration services often creating “first impressions” of a country, the Finnish Immigration Service, known as Migri, wanted to make the process of immigration as intuitive as possible and offer concrete support to people dealing with immigration complexities.

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