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As a proud partner, our priority is to deliver 360˚ value, to unlock innovative opportunities, create new value and help you to enable the vision of becoming an international logistic centre.

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At Accenture, we harness technology and human ingenuity to transform organizations in a responsible way. We empower our people to innovate with a greater purpose. In KSA we are building the workforce of the future that creates inclusive, scalable and sustainable solutions not only for business but also for societal challenges.

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Smart land ports: A powerful new engine for trade

Imagine a land port reinvented as smart, frictionless, secure and sustainable, each land crossing is designed and built to give users a seamless experience from arrival, through customs to exit.

Trust is the medicine to restore travel to health

Navigating complex environment will be a key challenge for border agencies in the coming months. Gerco Landman shares his view on key steps to follow.

Humans at the heart of defence and security

As the world continues to battle the COVID19 pandemic governments & citizens are realising that many of the threats now facing societies are invisible.

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Untangling red tape to enter Finland

Border management and immigration are some of the most impactful trends affecting the modern world. Since 2010, on average 22,000 people have applied for their first residence permit in Finland annually—around half of them to study or work. With immigration services often creating “first impressions” of a country, the Finnish Immigration Service, known as Migri, wanted to make the process of immigration as intuitive as possible and offer concrete support to people dealing with immigration complexities.

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