Become the trusted growth partners for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Work closely with their ecosystems and supercharge their growth with the best of both consumer and enterprise-level offerings including cloud, security and other digital and IT services.

The opportunity is ripe

SMBs are growing at a rate not seen in decades and are employing more people than ever before. They are doing business differently — virtually, even with customer care.

SMBs are also projected to shift their connectivity focus to premium connectivity such as 5G and Information and Communications Technology services by 2024.

There is no one way to get there

There’s more than one route to becoming an SMB Activator. They can be the “one-stop-shop” for small and medium businesses’ digital service needs. Or, they can build a digital marketplace that customizes connectivity to each business’s needs.

Alternatively, there’s an opportunity to be a trusted business advisor, supporting SMBs as they grow with a range of solutions to help scale and meet evolving needs, including complex connectivity and analytics.

The Small & Medium Business Activator

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Shift business to win business

CSPs need to evolve their offerings and revenue models to align to shifting SMB needs. This requires diversified services, expanding beyond connectivity.

  1. Create new value propositions with access to digital services
  2. Enhance customer relationships with a new arm of business offering AI and guided experiences
  3. Expand channels with broader digital capabilities

Whether as a digital solutions marketplace, a personalized business advisor or a hybrid solutions store the ability to deliver for evolving SMB customer needs as they grow will be the path to success.

SMB Activators offer loyalty, partnerships and solution development that all lead to a new type of business for CSPs and their customers.
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