As technology evolves and new platforms emerge, the way businesses design and develop new technology will determine the inclusiveness of our digital society. New technologies have the potential to bring an estimated 350 million people with disabilities into the workforce over the next 10 years—provided we design with accessibility in mind today.

The Accenture Technology Vision is an annual prediction of the technology trends that will shape the immediate future. By focusing on 2017’s top five trends, we can work to create a more positive experience for people with disabilities and lead a people-centric digital revolution.

  1. Design for Humans
  2. AI is the New UI
  3. Ecosystem Power Plays
  4. Workforce Marketplace
  5. The Uncharted

Download the full whitepaper (PDF) to read more about how momentum is building around accessibility and the implications this will have on technology, the workforce, and your business.

Heather Andersen

Managing Director


Sytze Dijkstra


Kira Gidron

Digital Practice and Off Dev Consultant

Harrison Lynch

Technology R&D Associate Principal

Debra Pascoe



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