An appealing offer is about more than a good product. In this era of living services, customers have come to expect everything to be tailored to their needs and available in the moment. In this report, co-authored by Accenture and Nomis, we describe how banks can use advanced analytics to shape next-level pricing and offers, and become hyper-relevant to their customers.

Banks tend to fall into three main stages of pricing and offer management maturity:

Stage 1: Product price optimization

Fair prices that pivot on product rather than on customer

Stage 2: Customer-centric pricing

Prices and offers that maximize customers’ lifetime value across all product lines

Stage 3: Real-time intelligent adaptability

Real-time prices reflected across products and channels

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Our team of experts can help you optimize your pricing and offer management, no matter what maturity stage your bank is in. Reach out to start your journey to hyper-relevance.

Banks can go beyond merely competing on price to building distinctive customer relationships that proactively steer renewals.

About the Authors

Frank Rohde

CEO – Nomis Solutions

Caroline Dudley

Managing Director – Financial Services, Customer Insight & Growth

Johnathan Bant

Senior Vice President – Sales, Nomis Solutions


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