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Challenging the myths of change

Insight-driven approaches make organizational change much less daunting and successful outcomes far more likely.


Whether underestimating the importance of emotions or fearing too much change too fast, leaders often harbor misconceptions about organizational change. Our analysis of nearly one million employees involved in change initiatives at 150 organizations has revealed that in many cases, executives have been managing change all wrong. Listen as Warren Parry, a Managing Director in Accenture Strategy and author of the book Big Change, Best Path: Successfully Managing Organizational Change with Wisdom, Analytics and Insight, debunks a few myths and offers suggestions for helping the workforce of the future effectively implement change.

The high performers' approach to change

Learn the most common characteristics of the high-performing companies that best manage change.

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Too much, too fast?

Believe it or not, the best performing organizations thrive on change.

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Cast tradition aside

Leaders often focus on the wrong areas of their organization during change programs and undermine business performance as a result.

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Getting emotional

Employee feelings really can drive business outcomes. Find out the impact of both positive and negative emotions on a change program.

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A leap of faith

What does it take to get employees to commit to change? Hear the surprising answer.

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Learn how new analytical approaches are providing powerful insights into organizational change.


Outlook: Accenture’s Journal of High-Performance Business

As a showcase for the most innovative thinking on high-performance business, Outlook focuses on six core themes: Redefining Competitiveness, Digital Disruption, Global Operating Model, Open Innovation, Sustainability and Workforce of the Future. We feature original content devoted to these topics as well as a selection of unique insights offered by professionals throughout Accenture.