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Is the pharma industry making the right investments in patient services?

More than 200 pharma executives shared their perspective on how and why they plan to invest in patient services over the next two years.

How much are pharmaceutical companies investing in patient services? What do they plan to invest in and why? How are they measuring the effectiveness of these programs?

These were some of the questions we were interested getting answers to when we surveyed more than 200 patient services executives (100 based in the United States and 103 based in Europe) to present a market-based view of the current and future state of patient services to help pharmaceutical companies hone in on the services that present the highest potential—for them and the people who use their therapeutics—and prepare for the increasing demand from patients and healthcare systems for better patient outcomes.

The results produced three key findings:

  1. Patient services are delivering value with a significant increase in focus and investment expected over the next two years.

  • Over the next two years, 85 percent of respondents are raising their investments in this area.

  1. Companies are going big with investments in digital engagement technologies and supporting analytics.

  • 66 percent of executives are directing their largest investments in this area towards technologies that interface with patients and healthcare professionals.

  1. Much of this investment (but not all) is aligned to what patients value.

  • 59 percent of the services expect to grow the most are highly valued by patients.

The survey also revealed three potential barriers to success for companies that plan to deliver on the desired objectives of improving patient outcomes and delivering business value—most specifically in communication, measurement, and organization.

As patient services continue to become a competitive driver in the industry, pharmaceutical companies should no longer be asking whether they should offer services. Instead, they should ask which ones to offer, and how best to offer them to their patients. To learn about this and other implications facing pharmaceutical companies, download The Patient Is IN: Pharma’s Growing Opportunity in Patient Services.