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Harnessing the power of public opinion—How authority is shifting to experienced consumers

Companies have an opportunity to embrace the passionate opinions of their brands and services, as consumers evolve to prosumers (a coined phrase meaning proactive consumer), leveraging digital advances and device capabilities.

There’s a shift from fear of what “the public” says, to a new generation of companies embracing how public opinion can help build their brand. Trust in institutions: thumbs-down. Trust in tangible people: thumbs-up. Several recent studies have shown that blogs are one of the top services to influence a purchase.

Where purpose, authenticity and currency reign, the prosumer content creator has the power to shape, share and create at speed that disrupts traditional content creation production and process.

BlogHer Inc. is a resource for women who blog to gain exposure, education, community and economic empowerment. BlogHer recognized that there's been a shift for companies: Consumers see information distributed by an individual as a trusted source, and consumers also hear a valid, authoritative, respected and experienced prosumer voice. This path of professionalization in business, marketing and technical skills optimizes the ultimate influence and takes the turn from consumer to prosumer in monetization.

With the democratization of content, the touchscreens of consumers now modulate the voice of companies. How companies engage with, support and nurture their consumer content creators as an investment does not easily translate to traditional return on investment (ROI).

How will the Share button continue to impact your brand?