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Home 2.0

Helping CSP's capture new opportunities in living services


CSPs tell us they’re frustrated by the ever-increasing costs of serving ever more demanding digital consumers. It’s a competitive necessity, but how can they do it better? Many are seeking new ways to diversify and creating new capabilities aligned to Home 2.0. Truly understanding consumer intent within the home could be the essential spark that drives innovation beyond their current core business areas, creating new sources of value within living spaces.

We help clients find that spark at the Dock, Accenture’s multidisciplinary research and incubation hub. We connected with senior executives in the communication industry to understand their concerns and motivations for innovation around Home 2.0. We distilled what we learned from them into this report. Read how Accenture can help CSPs build a more sustainable revenue model and become a key player in delivering meaningful experiences in the home.