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Energy retailers and providers are experiencing a groundswell of change and disruption. Digital is fueling new forms of innovation. It’s giving rise to new routes to consumers. The Internet of Things is powering a new ecosystem of interconnected energy-related platforms and devices. And innovative players are rapidly expanding and threatening energy provider's business.

We help energy providers and retailers transform to thrive in the rapidly evolving energy ecosystem. With deep industry expertise in digital customer engagement and operations, connected energy management services and customer platform solutions, we help our clients unlock business value from cost effectiveness, revenue assurance/extension and customer satisfaction.

Digital Customer Engagement

Our experts provide strategy and technology solutions that enable omni-channel customer experiences. We help energy providers transform customer operations, including marketing, selling and service by leveraging digital capabilities. Our solutions unlock cross-channel interaction analytics to drive sustainable adoption of digital customer channels. Our services include:

Redefining customer experience design, rethinking customer operations performance and implementing new digital customer architecture and strategy
Delivering insight-driven innovation at speed applying digital marketing solutions and leveraging customer analytics and design thinking
Blending the best of digital, including artificial intelligence, and human skills to resolve issues and enhance the customer experience
Increasing social-driven performance and proactive change management
Designing cloud-based liquid architecture delivered as-a-Service

Agile Customer Solutions

We implement and operationalize IT solutions including customer information systems (CIS), customer relationship management (CRM), analytics that streamline meter-to-cash processing, improve operational efficiency and enable next-generation capabilities. We are known for our deeply experienced project teams and strong alliances, including with Oracle, Salesforce and SAP.

Customer Solutions

Customer Solutions for Oracle is focused on the analysis, design, implementation and maintenance of Retail Oracle Utilities solutions for our clients.

Salesforce-Based ACES

The Salesforce-based Accenture Customer Experience Solution for Utilities (ACES) offers an integrated, modular customer experience platform that meets the majority of the utility industry’s functional needs with standard interfaces to the most common billing solutions.

Accenture and SAP

Under the Accenture and SAP strategic partnership, we are working with SAP to accelerate development of S/4HANA for Utilities. We are also jointly building the next generation of SAP Utilities solutions, working together on solution development based on a multi-channel digital customer engagement platform for energy providers to sell new revenue generating products.

Connected Energy Services

Our connected energy services combine Accenture’s expertise in customer transformation with emerging distributed technologies and behavioral energy efficiency solutions to create next-generation customer experiences and value. Our services include:

Accelerating integrated demand-side management via innovative demand response and energy-efficiency programs
Integrating collaborative home services enabled by IoT connected home platforms
Optimizing distributed energy resources (DER) customer adoption and management
Defining energy engagement solutions with targeted customer energy-efficiency actions through analytics and omni-channel presence

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