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The Platform (R)evolution

Defining ecosystems, redefining healthcare


Healthcare organizations are carving out new playing fields, thanks to rapid advances in cloud and mobility.

While mobility enables minute-by-minute tracking of health and activities, it’s the platform that captures the data from disparate sources such as wearables, phones and glucometers, and pulls it all together to give a patient and caregiver a holistic and real-time view of the patient’s health.

Today’s new and evolving platforms comprise well-defined architecture, governance and services and are underpinned by the latest digital tools—social, mobile, cloud, Internet of Things and others.

In healthcare, platforms for care delivery will evolve, improving the ability to provide relevant information, access and control to consumers and caregivers. Care will be ubiquitous, as technology can bridge any distance.

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Bringing a digital platform into the physical world to create things that were never possible before.


Working with, Philips has launched the HealthSuite digital platform, an aggressive hospital-to-home connected care platform. More platforms are starting to appear—Welltok, TicTrac, Social Wellth—and many other new innovations on the market are allowing providers to deliver a variety of services faster, and at a lower cost.


Smarter platforms will be able to influence daily choices that impact your health and wellness. If you have asthma and track your symptoms, the platform can help identify when the pollen level could be a trigger. Instead of having your blood tested at a lab, a device connected to your mobile phone will be able to do a finger prick test and give you and your doctor immediate results.


Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente, for example, is taking on complex healthcare challenges with a variety of industry partnerships.

Recognizing the critical need to embrace collaboration to drive the next wave of healthcare innovation, in 2013 Kaiser launched Interchange, an API program embracing internal and external software developers to build applications. The company has also invested $4 billion (roughly $444 per member) in building its HealthConnect platform.

A foundational component of Kaiser’s digital initiatives, the platform provides its clinicians and 9 million members with real-time access to electronic medical records. It also enables the company to extend its traditional boundaries by engaging with members through mobile applications, self-management services, in-home monitoring and virtual consultations.

Kaiser’s collaborative digital initiatives improve the timeliness and quality of patient care, while reducing operational costs and optimizing clinicians’ time and expertise.

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