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Using digital platforms to transform value chains into value networks


Digital platforms bring goods and services together to create a composite experience for businesses and consumers. While consumer-facing platforms are getting a lot of attention, there are business-to-business platforms that are proving to be just as transformative. Whether an organization hosts its own or joins existing ones, platforms offer a highly effective path for creating value.


key findings

Digital Platforms: Value Unchained
David Whiteing, CIO – Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Executives recognize the importance and potential impact digital platforms can have on the way the world works, and many are starting to move into the ecosystem.

  • Eighty-one percent of executives responding to the 2015 Accenture Technology Vision survey believe that platforms will reshape industries into interconnected ecosystems.

  • Thirty-nine percent of executives are using industry platforms to collaborate and integrate data and applications with digital business partners.

  • Another thirty-five percent are experimenting with industry platforms.


Digital Platforms: Value Unchained
Leslie Willcocks, Professor – London School of Economics

Reaping the full benefits of the digital ecosystem demands focused attention. Stakeholders from every business unit contribute to the strategy, architecture and operating model for organizing technology, people and process.

  • A strategy for digital platforms must be differentiating and agile, offering what others cannot and able to shift quickly.

  • A strong architecture consolidates various platforms into an overall digital industry platform where customers, suppliers, providers and partners can conduct their own businesses.

  • IT operations should focus on business and supplier engagements, integration and brokering of technology services, increase in commercial and sourcing capabilities, and development of innovative technology services.

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Value Unchained

Value unchained. Linking into the network effect of digital platforms.

Marco Ciobo

Marco Ciobo

Managing Director
Accenture Technology Strategy Lead
Australia and New Zealand