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Are you destined to be a victim of Digital Darwinism?

Multi-speed IT architecture: A transformational path to succeed in a digital world


We are living in an era of “Digital Darwinism.” Society and technology are threatening to evolve faster than communications service providers’ (CSPs’) ability to adapt. Connected device penetration is maturing rapidly across all age groups, and there is a new breed of digital consumers called the “screenagers” that have an insatiable digital appetite. Systems now require a special level of speed, moving beyond CSPs’ traditional systems while maintaining interaction with existing systems.

To maintain stability while accelerating the speed with which their systems of engagement can adapt, CSPs need a multi-speed IT architecture. By managing the tradeoff between the agility required by the systems of engagement and the reliability required by the systems of record, CSPs can keep pace with the screenagers and sustain the new customer experience.

Digital Darwinism Graph

A customer journey is increasingly dependent on a rapidly expanding “value fabric”—a mesh of interwoven, cooperating organizations and individuals, that have a role to play in delivering on a screenager’s digital expectations. Interaction is not only with the customer. It includes internal and external users that will have similar requirements for customer information and ultimate monetization.

All of these parties are part of the customer experience, and CSPs need to approach them in an integrated way from an IT perspective. This is best addressed through the concept of “experience led design,” (EX) as shown through the equation UX + CX = EX, in which both user experience (UX) and customer experience (CX) need to be approached in a single unified view.