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"Action in uncertainty is survival, innovation is revival and growth."

— ERIC SCHAEFFER, Senior Managing Director, Global Industrial Sector Lead

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Transformers: Inspiring the change

Schneider Electric is forging the path to a sustainable, decentralized, electric future. We talk to Chief Innovation Officer Emmanuel Lagarrigue about the need to balance urban energy needs, how to operate efficiently during a new ‘decade of resilience’, and why the climate emergency inspires him to do more every day.

An electric future is a resilient one


Chief Innovation Officer - Schneider Electric

Sparks: Innovation in action

The investments, advances and innovations you need to know.

From the latest trends and tools, to groundbreaking technologies and innovations, we bring you the latest announcements impacting the manufacturing and industrial space.

Learn more about the innovations in products and services that are fueling industry growth, from drones mapping underground mines to supercomputers accelerating autonomous tech.

Insights: Igniting thoughts

Values are shifting, and technology models are increasingly out of sync with them. We explore "tech-clash" and why Covid-19 exacerbates it.

Working in silos costs. Companies investing in digital transformations that improve collaboration enjoy 4x higher revenue gains.

From new cloud services to enterprise-wide solutions, security today should be automated, collaborative and continually evolving.

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